5 Smartwatch Apps You Must Have In 2022

By  //  December 30, 2021

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With the global smartwatch market expected to hit 230.30 million by 2026, app developers are looking to leverage this growing trend by creating compatible applications every month. That has made smartwatches more popular by the day, as they’ve proven more convenient than modern smartphones.

Here are our top 5 smartwatch applications that are worth installing in your smartwatch.

1. Shazam

OS: Android Wear 4.4 & Apple WatchOS 4.9

The precursor to services like Google Sound Search and SoundHound, Shazam is the best android and iOS app for naming different tunes. This popular music app helps you to identify any song, video, or commercial using its music, vocals, or rhythm.

Shazam also gives you time-synced lyrics to allow you to sing along your favorite songs without missing any part. Even better, the application is entirely free to use and it displays buying information of every song it identifies.

2. Sofascore

OS: Android Wear 4.4

SofaScore is among the best sports apps you can install in your android smartwatch when betting with Betway on different leagues. The app gives you live coverage and updates on around 25 sports while allowing you to stream a short replay video every time a goal is scored.

Besides offering real-time updates on major sports leagues, Sofascore gives you team season statistics and lets you connect with other fans through the chat option. That makes the app a must-have for any sports enthusiast considering the free Betway app download on their smartphones to wager on various leagues.

3. Google Maps

OS: Android Wear 3.8 & Apple WatchOS 4.7

Google Maps is among the world’s most popular smartwatch apps that are free to download. The app helps you to measure distances, locate destinations virtually and navigate through maps, making it easier to explore new places.

Thanks to its compatibility with Apple and Android smartwatches, users don’t need to rely on their smartphones all the time to reach their destination. Additionally, you can check the traffic conditions on various routes and check an alternative route to reach your destination.

4. Uber

OS: Android 4.4 & Apple WatchOS 4.6

Uber is a leading cab booking service provider that lets you call a taxi driver or view the status of your request using your smartphone. This smartwatch app comes with all the features available on the smartphone, making cab booking more convenient and seamless.

You can use the Uber app to book rides from over 10,000 cities and 600+ airports around the world. The smartwatch app also lets you use your wearable device to share your ride details with anyone you choose. Additionally, it lets you use your smartwatch to request emergency services when riding.

5. Strava

OS: Android Wear 4.4 & Apple WatchOS 4.8

Considered the definitive smartwatch app for cyclists and joggers, Strava is a great fitness tracking application that can be used for multiple exercises. Using the stats provided by Strava, you can analyze your training patterns, set fitness challenges, and keep improving. These stats include your average distance, time, speed, run splits, calories burned, and heart rate.