How to Download Cydia on iPhone

By  //  December 27, 2021

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Jailbreaking was a big part of many iOS users’ lives for so long until Apple released iOS and effectively stopped it in its tracks. Most users believed it was only a temporary stop, but it has taken several years for jailbreaking to restart. Now we have several utilities worth using, but not all users, especially the newer ones, know what jailbreaking and Cydia is.

Cydia is the main package manager that comes with a jailbreak, and it’s the only way to get past Apple’s restrictions and install what you want on your device. It’s free to use, and it has tons of cool features, so here’s everything you need to know.

How to Download Cydia:

There is only one way to download Cydia – jailbreak your device. Right now, we have quite a few decent jailbreak utilities, so head over to the Cydia Download Page where all the utilities are stored, together with download links and details on the supported architecture and firmware. Choose the one that works on your device, and follow the included guide.

How to Use Cydia:

Cydia is dead simple to use, and the home page has everything you need. Here’s what you will find when you open Cydia:

 Sources – shows you ever installed source, including any third-party ones you installed, and allows you to add new ones and edit existing ones

■ Search – lets you search for whatever you want to install on your device, including libraries, tweaks, mods, apps, and more

■ Installed – Shows you everything you downloaded and installed from Cydia

■ Changes – shows you updates for your apps and tweaks, and lets you apply those updates

How to Add a New Repository:

Cydia comes pre-installed with several excellent sources, all containing everything you need to enjoy what the jailbreak offers. You do have the option of adding third-party ones but this is done at your own risk and it’s down to you to ensure your chosen repository is safe to use:

1. Open Cydia and tap Sources

2. Tap Edit > Add

3. Type the source URL in the box and tap Add Source

4. Wait – your repository will be installed

How to Download Tweaks: 

This is easy to do:

1. Open Cydia and tap Search

2. Type the tweak name and make sure it is supported on your device

3. Tap Confirm

4. Tap Restart Springboard and your tweak is installed

5. Tap on Search

How to Delete Tweaks:

This is also simple to do:

1. Open Cydia and tap Installed

2. Tap Recent and then tap the tweak name

3. Tap Modify > Remove > Confirm

4. Tap Restart Springboard and your tweak is deleted

What Does Cydia Offer?

Cydia provides you with everything you need to get around iOS security and install what you want on your device. You can modify it to work how you want it and look the way you want it, and install lots of apps and other content not available in the official iOS app store. Here’s what Cydia provides:

■ Themes – lots of themes that let you have your device look how you want it to

■ Tweaks – plenty of tweaks that change your icons, fonts, lock screen, app switcher, messaging apps, and more

■ Apps – lots of apps that add new features and functionality to stock features and apps – change your app switcher, lock screen, and more

■ Lock Screen Themes – decide what you want to see on your lock screen and how it works

Cydia takes control of your device away from Apple and gives it back to you. One example of this is Wi-Fi-only apps. Cydia allows you to download a simple tweak that fools your device into thinking it is on Wi-Fi when it is actually on data – this lets you use any Wi-Fi-only device whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are the commonly asked questions about Cydia:

What is Cydia?

Cydia was developed by Saurik (Jay Freeman) in 2008 as an alternative to, which was Apple’s first app store attempt. With what it offers, it is now an incredibly popular app store, with everything you could possibly need to modify how your device looks and works.

Why Should I Download Cydia?

Without it, you are confined to using your device how Apple dictates. Download it and you can do all this:

Install tweaks, apps, and themes to change how your device looks and works

Add new features and functionalities to existing features

Add new features to stock apps

Download lots of unofficial apps and games

Lots of themes, wallpapers, ringtones, iBooks, and lots more

How Do I Install Cydia?

All you need is a jailbreak utility that works on your device

Is it Free?

Yes, jailbreak utilities are always free

Is Cydia Safe?

Provided you use the links we provide to download it, then it is safe.

Is Cydia Legal

Yes, it was ruled legal in 2012 by the Library of Congress

Are All the Tweaks Free?

No, although most are. You are not under any obligation to buy tweaks though, as the free ones offer pretty much everything you want.

Are There Any Cydia Alternatives?

Yes, but they don’t need a jailbreak. They are third-party stores offering unofficial content and they don’t need root access as Cydia does. This means they won’t work the same way as Cydia but do offer an excellent choice of content.

What is a Repository?

It is where apps and tweaks are stored in Cydia and there are some very good pre-installed ones that offer what you need. While you can add third-party ones, some of these are not safe.

Deleting Cydia

Deleting Cydia is as simple as restoring your device through iTunes. Alternatively, if you want to retain your current firmware, install Cydia Impactor from Cydia and use that to remove the jailbreak.

Cydia is by far the most popular unofficial app store so try it on your device today and see how it can change your device.