Lena Neuner: How to Become the Biathlon Queen in 6 Years

By  //  January 5, 2022

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As a rule, the professional careers of female athletes are shorter than those of men. For example, this is due to the need to give birth. But biathlete Magdalena Neuner proved that it is possible to write her name in history in just a few years. The best betting site is 1xBet, which offers to place biathlon bets with the highest odds.

This is an extremely unpredictable sport, where athletes need not only to quickly move on skis along the track but also to hit targets accurately. 

Already in her first full season in the World Cup, she took fourth place, although her gap from the leader was quite large. Even then it was noticeable that along with the phenomenal speed, Lena had certain problems with shooting. It was in the same season 2006/07 that she won her first medals at the World Cup and World Championship.

At the latter, she, among other things, became the youngest three-time champion. Unfortunately, the German didn’t manage to compete for the Big Crystal Globe that year. For biathlon fans, 1xBet is the best betting site. This is due to the huge line for all races. In addition, sometimes the legendary biathlete comments on the races, which allows you to once again listen to the opinions of the phenomenon of this sport.

The very next season, Magdalena Neuner triumphed in the overall World Cup. During her short career, she was able to take first place in this ranking three times, becoming one of the most titled biathletes in history. If you see real heirs of Neuner’s talent, you can place bets on their races directly at https://1xbet.com/en/live. Going back to the German athlete, it is also worth noting that she performed at only one Olympics.

She did very well at the 2010 Vancouver Games. In individual races she took first place twice. This result could have been even better if she was able to run the sprint 2 seconds faster, as a result of which Anastasia Kuzmina from Slovakia was ahead of her. Of course, Neuner’s performances greatly popularized the sport, as evidenced by the line on the 1xBet website. Such an early decision to end the career shocked the entire biathlon community. However, Magdalena left a huge legacy.

What the German biathlete achieved during her career

Realizing that she had reached her peak, Magdalena Neuner decided to end her active performances. Many fans were disappointed and decided to go to 1xBet to bet online football. Indeed, compared to biathlon, in football the departure of a player is not considered such a tragedy. As for Lena, it is worth noting the following achievements:

 34 victories at the World Cup stages in individual races and 13 victories in relay races;

12-time world champion;

3-time winner of the Grand Crystal Helmet;

2-time Olympic champion.

These are fantastic results, not to say about the incredible potential of the German athlete. Despite the offer of the 1xBet to go and bet online on football, it is thanks to such athletes that people also want to bet on biathlon.