Custom Donut Boxes: The Difference Between Bagel and Donut!

By  //  March 18, 2022

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Many people get confused due to the same look of donuts and bagels, but both are indeed different in many aspects. Doughnuts and bagels seem to be identical. Both are round in shape with opening holes in the middle. Often when you are not attentive, you could buy custom bakery boxes of bagels by considering them as custom Donut Boxes for doughnuts by mistake.

But when eaten, you know without a doubt both are altogether different. Their preparation methods differ from each other. Also, their toppings distinguish them from each other.

Before discussing the distinctions between doughnuts and bagels, let’s discuss what they are.

What Is a Donut?

A donut is a round-shaped, deep-fried piece of confectionary dough having a hole in it. It is a breakfast item that is sweet in nature. It is popular in various countries and is made in multiple constructions as a sweet chomp that can be handcrafted or purchased in baked goods shops, supermarkets, food stores, and differentiated specialty shippers.

What Is a Bagel?

A bagel is a ring-shaped baked piece of bread dough with a hole in it. It is also a breakfast item that is savory in nature. They are the form of bread but do not completely resemble the bread. Instead, they are commonly sliced down in the middle, toasted, then stacked with treats like margarine, cream cheddar, smoked fish, avocado, tomato, cut meats, egg or chicken, or turkey salad. Jewish people in North America and Poland love to eat bagels.

Which Came First, Donut or Bagel?

Bagel Corner is a successful concept of the French restaurant Bagel. 16-year-old American sailor Hanson Gregory claimed to have invented a donut aboard a lime trader in 1847. Bagel, the Yiddish name for a ring-shaped bread, appeared in the Jewish community in Poland in 1610.

Reason for Punching Hole in the Dough

To fully cook the inside of the cake, the cake would have to stay in the oil for a long time, which would cause the outside surfaces to get burnt.

However, punching a hole in the center of the cake allows the inside and outside to cook evenly, creating a perfect donut. Similarly, bagel dough is thick and dense so if there is no hole in it, then it won’t be easy to assume whether they are cooked or not.

Differences Between Donuts and Bagels:

Despite the similarities in appearance, there are differences in how they are prepared and the additives that go into these two delicious recipes. Let’s discover these differences.

Preparation Method

A bagel is a breakfast product made from wheat yeast dough into a round bread with a hole. It is baked after boiling in water to make it fragile and tough. At the same time, the donut is mostly fried and sweetened and sometimes has fillings. Today, varieties such as baked donuts have become more popular with health-conscious people.


They don’t have the same taste yet; many people are fooled into thinking they ate their donuts when they had a bagel. The taste of donuts is sweeter. They are soft from the inside and have a very thin layer of crispiness from the outside. In comparison, bagels are savory, dense, doughy snacks from inside and have a spongy and chewy texture. They are brown from the outside, usually crispy and crunchy.

The buns are mostly salty, with the characteristic poppies visible on the outer crust. Bagels are liked primarily for their taste – crispier, flushed skin on the outside and fragrant, soft flesh on the inside is hard to resist.


The toppings on the donuts include glazed sugar, chocolate, unique and creative frosting, icing, vanilla, and whipped cream. On the other hand, the Bagel is easily identified by baking the poppy seeds or sesame seeds and placing them on the outer skin of the ring. Bagels are eaten with milk as breakfast and have become very popular in the UK and USA. Today, buns are consumed in various forms around the world with regional toppings.


Usually, the ingredients in bagels and donuts are more or less the same, but yeast is the main ingredient in the Bagel.

Which Is Healthier: Bagel or Donut?

A bagel is better than a donut by health-conscious people because it is baked while the donuts are fried. Bagels are more traditional breakfast items than donuts, which are also more fattening. Donuts are higher in calories and have a higher carbohydrate content than buns.

But sometimes, bagels can also be unhealthier because of the excess sodium and carbs. When it comes to the healthiest bagel buns, plain buns may seem like the obvious choice, but sesame seed-rich bagels all contain heart-healthy fat and fiber. Rye, pumpernickel, oats, and whole grains are also good choices.

How to Eat: Bagel or Donut?

Bagels are mostly served as sandwiches. The sliced bagel bun can be filled with any additives and eaten salty or sweet. They are perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack, tea, and dinner. They are an excellent picnic offer.

The bagel buns can be eaten with cottage cheese and sauces and paired with milk, but no milk is needed, and the donuts can be eaten on their own. Jams, creams, and even pudding are used as fillings for donuts.

Packaging for Donut and Bagel

Many bakeries and donut stores prefer custom bakery boxes to keep their products fresh. Bakers package their freshly baked pieces of bread, bagel buns, sweet treats, and donuts in eco-friendly and porous Custom Donut Boxes.

Porous custom product boxes exchange air from the outer environment that helps them to prevent from stale. Such packaging allows the moisture to escape from custom donut boxes, resulting in amplified taste and maximized freshness. Moreover, the height of custom donut boxes is kept raised so that the cream cap of frosting/icing doesn’t get spoiled.

Moreover, customers are environmentally responsible, so they know the environmental impact of packaging. Therefore, they prefer buying Custom donut boxes that are recyclable and biodegradable so that they cannot produce landfills and pollute the climate.

To make sustainable packaging, packaging solutions like OBT Packaging provide eco-friendly, cost-effective, high-grade custom donut boxes. In addition, you can customize your Custom donut boxes with desired features like display window boxes, gabble boxes, and die-cut boxes.