Astra Space Fails to Deliver NASA Satellites Into Orbit Yet Again After Rocket Launch From Cape Canaveral

By  //  June 12, 2022

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satellites were going to study tropical cyclones

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(FOX NEWS) – California-based space firm Astra suffered a failed satellite launch into orbit on Sunday after the rocket’s second-state booster engine shut down early.

Astra’s small, 45-foot Rocket 3.3 was launched from Space Launch Complex 46 shortly after 1:40 p.m. local time in Cape Canaveral, Florida with two of NASA’s Earth-observing satellites called TROPICS.

The rocket had a nominal first lower stage flight. But about eight minutes after take-off, the upper-stage engine shut down early and did not deliver payloads to orbit, Astra’s livestream commentator Amanda Durk Frye said.

“We have shared our regrets with @NASA and the payload team,” Astra wrote on Twitter. “More information will be provided after we complete a full data review.”

Sunday’s launch was the first of three flights to launch NASA’s TROPICS satellites into Space to study tropical cyclones.

Astra’s previous NASA mission also failed to reach orbit and deploy its spacecraft.