Why Should You Consider Switching Your Business Water Supplier?

By  //  June 1, 2022

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The deregulation of non-domestic water has completely opened the market to competition. Now, commercial enterprises have had the freedom to select the retailer from which they wish to purchase the business water services they require. This includes a wide range of services, such as billing, account administration, meter reading, and increasing water economy recommendations.

Choosing to Switch Water Suppliers 

You won’t notice any differences in your water supply when you switch business water suppliers. The underlying infrastructure for transferring water to your taps will remain the same – regional sewerage and water firms will serve as ‘wholesalers,’ supplying your water and wastewater requirements.

The distinction is that business water suppliers play the role of ‘retailer,’ purchasing water and sewerage services from wholesalers and packaging and selling them. After a thorough water audit, you can negotiate better agreements and get more discounts.

The Advantages of Switching Water Suppliers

While it is likely that switching will save you money, there are additional advantages. These include:

Free Water Audits

Some businesses are having difficulty increasing their water efficiency. Furthermore, due to criteria such as location and size, some customers may be overcharged by up to 65 percent on their water bills.

A water audit for a business examines water efficiency and makes recommendations that could save money. A detailed water efficiency report will be provided to assist you in taking steps to improve your business’s water efficiency.

Lower Prices

It would be hard to ignore the impact of lower energy prices. Changing to a different provider can frequently result in a decrease in the fees that you are charged. If you switch water providers, you might save up to 12% on your monthly water bill.

Fixed Rates

You can lock in your new rates for up to three years when switching water suppliers. Fixed-rate contracts are generally advantageous since they ensure that your payments are predictable and that you are not subject to price fluctuations or adjustments.

Multiple-Site Service 

If you have multiple business locations, you might choose a single supplier for all of them to simplify your expenses and make them easier to handle.

There are numerous advantages to switching suppliers, but the most compelling reason is to cut down costs by switching to a new water retailer with lower tariffs. You might also notice that you get better service, such as better customer service, more accurate billing, and faster responses to inquiries.

How to Make the Switch?

The first step is to determine how much water you use and how much you pay for it. Look at your bills to see how much water you use and how much you pay for it. Make a list of your annual water usage, current payment method, invoices and charges information, and the number of your service supply point (SPID). 

After you’ve gathered all of this data, examine your present contract to see if your supplier meets your company’s needs. You can compare what they’re giving to other deals available. You can switch your water supply and/or wastewater removal, but don’t forget to check with your existing supplier if they can improve your present contract before switching.