9 Reasons How Great Visuals Can Notch Up Your Presentation Game

By  //  August 1, 2022

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Imagine yourself sitting for two presentations. The first presenter delivers a presentation that is full of data, facts, numbers, and texts. Even though they worked extremely hard on digging out the facts, you somehow found yourself sleepy in the middle of the presentation.

Now think of the second presentation. This one has less information and minimal figures but commences with a captivating visual that instantly cheers you up. It was followed by slides with videos and pictures that explain its concepts and make it easier for you to catch the pace.

Which presentation would you prefer to attend again? Of course, it would be the second one, for it not only imparts knowledge but also provides a creative insight into the subject. Thus, including excellent visuals in your presentation is extremely important to stand apart.

Here are nine reasons for the same –

1. Saves Time and Space

Do you know what happens when you are too tired to explain concepts through words, and have no space to put them up on a slide all at once? You turn to visuals!

Visuals are one of the most effective ways to save time. Instead of spending hours on transcribing notes, jotting down facts, and writing content that probably nobody would read, it is much better to use graphics that can steal the show and help you save some hours.

They not only take less time to be articulated, but also consume less space on the slides. This allows you to sum up a dozen sentences in just one frame.

2. Best Form of Communication

Not everybody is a great oratory communicator; most of us struggle to convey our feelings through words. However, this must not stop us from conveying our ideas and convincing our audiences about the same.

It is essential to resort to visuals in such situations. It is truly said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is rightly said so. Eye-catching graphics can help you communicate efficiently.

3. Helps the Audience to Retain Information

Growing up, most of us have found it easier to learn through visuals. Be it flowcharts in science textbooks or comics with cartoon graphics; visuals have played a major role in helping us learn and remember things.

Thus, when it comes to presentations, the same theory goes in for your audience. Most of them are visual learners who would rather look at graphs and charts than analyze data theoretically. Not only does it help them learn faster, but it also aids in retaining information for a longer time.

4. Enhances Presentation Design

Your presentation design is the backbone of your company, brand, and purpose. In a way, it not only reflects your content but also represents you.

Visuals add value to your presentation designs. They indicate a sense of vision and clarity. They add life to a soul and increase the magnanimity of your design.

5. Add Clarity to Your Content

The best way to explain difficult concepts is by using engaging visuals. Innovative and high-definition PowerPoint templates having flowcharts, mind maps, process diagrams, icons, etc., can help you add value to your presentations and make it easier for your audience to understand them.

6. Breaks the Ice

What is worse than an audience that doesn’t feel attentive towards you? Thus, when the room seems gloomy and dull, and you spot a couple of people yawning, remember to break the ice with some interesting visuals.

For instance, if your presentation is about Marketing, play a few advertisements from history that have been the funniest and most remembered ads of all times. This will tickle the bones of your audience and will help you create an atmosphere of high spirits again.

7. Inspires Emotions

Describing emotions is one part of the presentation, but creating an impact deep enough for your audience to feel it is an important task. This can be done easily through videos, pictures, and GIFs.

For instance, if you’re delivering a presentation on India’s Partition, your audience must understand the gravity of that situation. Including a couple of clips and images from that period will help you impart your knowledge in a much better and more innovative manner.

8. Increases Your Stature

Visuals that are uniquely crafted and depict valuable lessons that make you stand apart. Such professional-looking visuals indicate a sense of trustworthiness and credibility in you that makes other people trust you easily.

9. Helps You to be More Inclusive

Each person sitting in the audience has a different level of comprehension. While some of them might understand concepts quickly, others might take time to process and completely understand them. There might be a possibility that whatever you spoke was not clear enough for the audience to take note of. This is where visuals fill the space – they act as an inclusive means through which every person in the room can understand your point.


Visuals are the roots of a presentation – they hold on to its foundation, helping to maintain its structure and keep it nurtured throughout. They create space for better growth and allow creativity to flow throughout the presentation.