GAIMIN: Becoming the light of Innovation in the Gaming industry

By  //  August 20, 2022

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The 21st century is all about moving forward. Today, more than ever, the competition to stay at the top of the success ladder has rocketed. Regardless of the industry one is associated with, constant struggle has always been a common secret ingredient to the recipe for success.

Whether in the medical field or business sector, a business must be vigilant and willing to adapt to any changes required by its general market to leave a lasting impression on its targeted audience, and the gaming industry is no exception to this rule. 

Over time, there have been many advancements in the gaming world, including its recent upheaval in the professional world. Many companies have brought forth ideas for gamers, some of which have failed while others have prevailed. Amongst the companies that have successfully delivered, GAIMIN has become one of the most progressive gaming companies globally. 

The company, cofounded by a team of visionary entrepreneurs in 2017, connects the world’s largest decentralized processing power supply, which accounts for 1.5 billion gaming PCs worldwide.

The company’s business model

GAIMIN’s business model is based on developing and transforming the GAIMIN gaming ecosystem to attract gamers by the value it provides to gamers in terms of gaming experience and monetary value. The number of users who can participate in the network is unlimited; the greater the number of users, the more rewards the application can generate for gamers. 

The primary target market for the company’s user acquisition is the PC gaming community. The reason behind is that this market segment has the users with the required devices with the configurations needed to fully enjoy the functionalities of the platforms as well as enjoy the rewards earned in the games.

The users are motivated and incentivized to participate and can utilize their passively earned rewards within their gaming ecosystem.

Setting the company apart 

Most companies focus on deriving energy or money while the user is in the game. However, GAIMIN’s functionality is entirely the opposite. Unlike anyone else, this gaming platform targets PC gamers. Gaming PCs entail high-performance Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). These GPUs allow high-performance data processing, which is used only for a limited time. The PC, however, remains switched on. 

The company leverages the excess computational power and resources of gamers PC, while gaming or AFK (away from keyboard) as a significant source of potential users, curating a decentralized data processing network that harnesses under-utilized processing power found in PCs. As a result, the company now runs a global decentralized data processing network known for delivering “supercomputer” performance.

The GAIMIN platform’s functionality

The main aim of creating the company was to help gamers benefit from the time while the PC is being used on “gaming” or sitting idle.  To achieve that goal, the cofounders crafted an application to help gamers monetize their computational power while gaming of AFK. 

The developed application under the GAIMIN.IO platform is free to download for all users. After it’s installed on the PC, the platform connects with the gamer’s PC to its “Monetization Network” automatically.

This allows gamers to passively contribute their PC’s unused processing power. The built-in AI (artificial intelligence)  Engine steers the processing power to a multitude of monetization opportunities. Note that the monetization mechanism relies heavily on device specification, performance, and monetization requirements in a current time frame. 

Currently, the company possesses two monetization options incorporated in the application; video rendering and blockchain computation. While video rendering is the more profitable use of the data processing network, it varies as per the client’s requirements and is not always available. On the other hand, the powering of blockchain computations is always available. Even though it is less profitable, it serves as a fallback and is a continually available monetization option when other options are not available or required.

The rewards and how to use them

The revenue collected by the company is generally in fiat and cryptocurrencies. To ease the return of rewards back to users, GAIMIN consolidates the rewards into a single cryptocurrency, GMRX (a utility token) – its own cryptocurrency.

These tokens can be used within the market and community, allowing users to purchase games, gaming assets, and NFTs or make user-to-user transactions that encapsulate buying, selling, and renting. Users can also convert their GMRX to an alternative cryptocurrency or into fiat when the company lists GMRX on an exchange. 

Summing up 

The company boasts of being a base layer for game developers to build blockchain functionality, NFTs, and white-label gaming tokens, which can be used in their games, gaming platforms, and the metaverse. GAIMIN has grabbed the attention of most users and is continuously delivering what it promised!