Health First Recruiters Find Talent at Exotic Outpost During Hiring Event at Brevard Zoo

By  //  August 29, 2022

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More than 300 turned out for late-afternoon affair at Nyami Nyami River Lodge

Adam Miller is the Director of Talent Acquisition for Health First. “We’re looking for folks who … are really good at working with people; they know customer service. This [event] opens the door.” (Health First image)

Brevard County’s largest non-governmental employer like ‘a city within a city.’

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – When it comes to hiring, it’s a jungle out there. That’s why Health First, the county’s largest non-governmental employer, set up at the Brevard Zoo Tuesday with a proposition – “come grow with us.”

More than 300 turned out for the late-afternoon affair, enjoying light snacks and lots of networking. It was the first time since the pandemic began that Health First held a system-wide hiring exposition.

“And traditionally we’d have such an event at Gateway Medical Center or The Connections Center, but we really wanted to meet the candidate marketplace where it is – at a location that’s convenient and a little different, a little exotic,” said Adam Miller, Director of Talent Acquisition, Health First.

Tina Padilla, Talent Acquisition Manager, visits with professionals interested in pharmacy and administrative roles at Health First. (Health First image)

Along with four hospitals and dozens of specialists’ offices that employ thousands of doctors and nurses, Health First also maintains robust facilities teams, security units, IT specialists, distribution, supply chain, logistics and more.

“We’re looking for individuals who haven’t worked in healthcare, who are in food service or retail, who are really good at working with people and want to better understand how they can work at Health First but really aren’t sure how to get their foot in the door or what career path fits them. This [event] opens the door to them – we want to have a conversation with you.”

Miller pointed out that even the clinical-adjacent fields are more technical than they are medical.

“People see a job listing for a Cardiac Monitor Technician, but do they know what that job is? The skills set might surprise you. Come talk to us!”

Cheyana Fischer, Chief Nursing Officer, Health First, said that the company is like “a city within a city” – there are roles from clinical to computer systems to custodial. (Health First image)
Talent Acquisition Nurse Recruiter Jason Welk and Supervisor Shanna Blanton (at right) visit with nursing professionals, including Aaron Morency (second from left) who was offered a position on the spot. (Health First image)

One of those who came out was retired military veteran Jamar Mosley of Satellite Beach. He was invited to the event by a Health First associate.

“I prefer in-person, as opposed to Zoom or another platform that we used during the pandemic. I want to look at you eye-to-eye and get the feel for what I may be coming into. Networking. Networking is always awesome.”

“Someone once said hospital systems are like cities within a city, and we are,” said Cheyana Fischer, Chief Nursing and Chief Operating Officer, Health First.

“We’ve got IT, engineering, transportation – and we’ve got assistant positions in clinical areas for folks who may be thinking about the clinical care but aren’t quite sure.

“What I’m looking for, very simply, is I want to know the people who work for Health First care about people. That’s our business. And, by being here, I get to talk to the candidates who will be joining our team – I will learn as much from them as I hope to share with them.”

Kimberly Markle, at right, Talent Acquisition Manager, visits with military veteran Jamar Mosley. (Health First image)

One of those who impressed Fischer was Aaron Morency, a Haitian by birth who was 9 in 2010 when the devastating earthquake struck. That experience, he said, made him appreciate healthcare professionals.

“This is what I want to do – I want to care for other people. It’s profound.”

Now 20, he has finished his schooling and is preparing for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to become a Registered Nurse. He’s hoping to get into the Emergency Department at Palm Bay Hospital.

Aaron Morency visited with Fischer at the event. She happily reported that he accepted a job on the spot for Palm Bay Hospital. He will join Health First’s new-to-practice nurse program and begin his career in the Emergency Department.

Health First has more than 800 job opportunities it is currently seeking to fill. To find the one or more that appeal to you, visit Visit to find out what’s happening at Health First.

Courtney Cole, Talent Acquisition Manager, helps guide a job seeker to the right information table.
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