Is Florida Sports Betting Close To Being Legalized?

By  //  August 31, 2022

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It’s an interesting fact that sports betting was briefly permitted in Florida, but after a really short time, all the sportsbooks were shut down. And 2022 could become the year when Florida sports betting will be legal again even if the appeal isn’t scheduled to be heard.

But for now, it isn’t legal also because of the challenge of the new compact between the Seminole Tribe and the state in 2021. That’s why all the activity with the bets was suspended pending court rulings and the activities of sports books are prohibited by law. Because betting in Florida is illegal there are lots of problems and complexities for bettors who want to enjoy sports bets on their favorite teams and individual players. At the same time, it is available without any limits for anyone of full age to bet on horse racing.

Betting From the State of Florida

Those who are interested in betting in Florida will be really surprised when they’ll realize that there are a lot of offshore sportsbooks that aren’t regulated under such jurisdiction. These bookies could offer some really great options for profitable online sports betting and a wide range of different bonuses or personal promo offers.

It should be noted that there is no such regulatory act that could limit such bookies’ activities so all gambling and betting fans could bet on all the popular events and play their favorite slots. Via websites like that are even available crypto sports betting so the bettors could get even more profit from every sports bet that will be made.

So even here all the users and the readers will find a few interesting offers for profitable Florida online sports betting in the chosen currency. For sure now only the offshore bookies’ offers can be founded but there are some really high chances that even if still the sportsbooks haven’t been legalized in the nearest future that can be changed.

When will online sports betting be back in Florida? Florida legal online sports betting is currently paused in 2022 

So now in Florida for bettors, sports betting is available only via offshore sportsbooks. Maybe next week this situation will be changed but for now, there are no other opportunities to bet on the chosen sports events in pre-match or live formats. So according to the briefing schedule for the remainder of 2022 that was revealed by the Court of Appeals there are no such cases as the Florida online sports betting legalization on the actual docket. So all the betting fans should wait at least until 2023 or even more while the sportsbooks could work directly and not with the different offshore schemes that are used today.

How to bet on sports in Florida when legalized 

If sports betting wouldn’t be illegal then bettors will get simple access to all the offers of the sportsbooks and could bet on the most popular events without any limits. The same situation now with online casinos also because the gaming regulatory prohibited such activities. When these restrictions are lifted sports bettors will need to finish some simple registration via the chosen bookies’ website and make the first deposit. Right after that, he could bet on Florida sports events in pre-match or live. But according to this decision was punted to 2023.

Conclusion: So What’s the Status of Legalizing Sports Betting in Florida?

While sports betting is illegal there will be lots of offshore bookies that would offer the bettors the opportunity to bet on the most popular sports events. But unfortunately, even if Jason Robbins wouldn’t give up, the nearest date of the possible legalization is 2024 so it’s 2 more years of offshore sportsbooks and illegal bets here in Florida.