Whizzinator Touch Review – Does It Really Work?

By  //  August 17, 2022

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If you’re considering buying a Whizzinator Touch for that upcoming drug test, this Whizzinator Touch Review is for you. Many people buy the Whizzinator Touch to pass drug tests, especially when it’s just a few weeks away. Primarily, employees, athletes, or anyone due for a urine drug test buys products such as the Whizzinator Touch.

However, one needs to be careful because there are many low-quality synthetic urine products on the market.

Choosing the right synthetic urine product is essential because it will ensure you test negative for substances such as weed/Marijuana/cannabis in urinalysis.

For instance, you applied for a job position at a particular company and had a successful interview. You’re on track to be hired, but there’s one more hurdle to cross- urine drug testing. It’s even more unnerving that it will be a supervised drug test. 

If you’re a frequent or moderate user of substances such as alcohol, opiates, weed, pot, Marijuana, etc., you’ll be on the hunt for the fastest detoxing or cleansing method. Also, you may use a synthetic urine kit, such as Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Overall Description

The Whizzinator Touch is a synthetic urine device. If you need real weed detox, because of multiple drug test coming, mix it with other remedies for good results. The Whizzinator Touch package contains the following things:

■ A sample of the Golden Shower synthetic urine powder

■ Two pairs of heating pads

■ A fake penis

■ Syringe

■ Vinyl pouch with in-built temperature strip

■ A pressure band with an elastic belt completely made of cotton

■ Usage manual

■  A bit lower, you can see another top product in the niche of synthetic urine  – Urinator. The third top product is Quick Fix.

Certain ingredients have been carefully prepared and mixed to make this fake urine as close to human piss as possible. They include:

■ Creatinine

■ Uric acid

■ Urea

■ Specific gravity

■ pH

■ Odor

■ Color

Each of these ingredients plays an essential role in helping you to cheat urine drug testing without being detected. You’re guaranteed to test negative for lab tests with these ingredients as long as you use this fake urine product accurately.

How does it work?

From the package description that comes with purchasing the Whizzinator Touch, it’s pretty apparent that you mix it, wear it, fill it with piss, and then use it to “urinate.” Again, positioning is vital because the urine has to come outright.

One thing you have to be mindful of is the temperature. Its similarity to real piss is not enough, and it has to have a temperature range between 96°F and 100°F. We recommend it doesn’t go outside this range. Directions for Whizzinator Touch are ordinary as for the product from the synthetic urine niche. You can find similar recommendations for Quick Fix or Urinator.

Instructions on How to Use Whizzinator Touch

1. Mix the fake urine with 60-90 ml of bottled water in a cup before your drug test.

2. Now, use the syringe to transfer the mixture into the vinyl pouch.

3. Next, you need to fix the belt around your waist and legs, then cover it with your clothes.

4. When you want to heat it to the desired temperature range, install one of the organic heat pads.

5. Release the clip and press the fake penis tip when you want to release the urine.

6. Finally, let go of the penis tip when your cup is full. Clean after each use. Submit your urine sample for drug testing.

Terms of Product Use

By using our Whizzinator Touch, you hereby agree that our products or services are not meant to break any laws. They are not meant to be sold in states where they are not legally permitted. By using our products, you agree that our products are not meant for illegal activities.

Cases you can use the product

■ You can use the product if the test is not supervised.

If you’ve practiced how to use it multiple times and you’re familiar with it, you can use it. Learn to wear it till you’re comfortable with it in different postures (sitting, standing, or even walking).

■ If there isn’t enough time to adopt alternative weed cleansing or detoxification methods, you should use Whizzinator or Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Cases you can’t use the product

■ If the test is supervised or under direct observation, you may get caught using the Whizziantor.

■ If you’ve not practiced with it, you can’t strap the Whizzinator on and appear comfortable or natural, then you shouldn’t use it.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

The Whizzinator Touch is produced by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS). Its headquarters is located in Long Beach, California, United States. You can reach them by phone:+1-888-895-7016. 

You can reach their customer support via phone: the same number and email address as the one above. Working hours are from 9 am – 5 pm (Mondays to Fridays).

What Products Will be Useful to Buy with the Whizzinator Touch?

The Whizzinator Touch package is quite comprehensive. So the only thing you’ll probably need is refills.

Pros of the Whizzinator Touch

■ You can use the Whizzinator Touch for THC detox because the urine is identical to real urine.

■ It’s popular on the fake urine market.

■ It’s reusable, just like The Urinator.

■ The Whizzinator Touch instructions are easy to understand.

■ The fake penis comes in many skin tones (brown, Latino, black, tan, and white).

■ Because it’s a guaranteed way to pass urine drug tests, it can help you get a job or avoid losing your job.

Cons of the Whizzinator Touch

■ May be a little pricey for some people

■ Unlike Powdered Human Urine  or Clear Choice Sub Solution which are legal in all states, the Whizzinator Touch is  fake urine. This makes it illegal or prohibited in certain states.

■ To reuse it, you’ll need to buy refills.

■  Wearing a strap-on may be less convenient.

■ It can be hard to use during a supervised test.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whizzinator Touch really work?

On a scale of 1 to 5, we’ll rate it 5. It’s a trusted and reliable fake piss product. It works well for regular urine drug tests, but you’ll need clean piss for more expensive lab tests.

Where to buy Whizzinator Touch near me?

To get this fake piss product, click here

How long does it last?

Its shelf life is 12 months. Ensure you store it away from light and moisture.

 Can I use Whizzinator Touch to pass the saliva test?

No. This product is reserved for urine analysis. So whether you’re testing for opiates or for alcohol, using the product will help you test negative.

Can Whizzinator Touch be detected?

That depends on how well you follow the directions. First, you should take note of the temperature. Anything outside the desired temperature range will be a fiasco. Also, ensure you learn how to use the device well, so everything appears natural.

Customer Reviews

There are lots of positive Whizzinator Touch reviews online, stating how the product has helped people save their job and career.

According to this user, the product worked great. However, he had to get heating pads separately to ensure the temperature was correct. He also had to do a few test runs to get comfortable with the product. We advise you to do that, too.

According to this Reddit user, The Whizzinator Touch is the best urine product he’s used and worth the price paid for it. He also noted that urine stays warmer without the heating pads as long as you have strapped it against your body.


We recommend you buy The Whizzinator Touch from no other retailer than the company’s official site. This is the best way to avoid getting scammed. Though this product is advertised as a sex toy to avoid legal issues, it’s used to pass urine drug test. However, we don’t advise you to use it in states where fake urine products are prohibited because you might face prosecution if you get caught.

However, the most likely consequence is an invalid test. Therefore, we advise you to get familiar with your state’s legislation concerning fake urine. As for its effectiveness, you have a high chance of passing your test as long as you follow the instructions.

There are fake urine products, such as The Urinator and Human Powdered Urine which have more customer success stories. This is because they use real human urine. However, the Whizzinator Touch is also a high-quality synthetic piss product.