Best Political Science and Government Related College Majors

By  //  September 15, 2022

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Politics has remained a central part of what makes the government and, by extension, society functional. Many individuals currently holding government positions had to undergo some sort of training to prepare them for their responsibilities, and what better way to learn the needed information than a proper education? 

If you’re currently a high school student, chances are you are already making college plans. If so, you might want to read this article until the end because we’ll be going over 4 of the best political science and government-related college majors you could consider.

Top 4 Political Science and Government Related College Majors

If you’re interested in learning more about society and preparing yourself for a career in politics, you might want to consider the following 4 college majors:

■ Sociology

■ General Social Sciences

■ Political Economy

■ International Relations & National Security

1. Sociology

This major primarily focuses on how the consequences of human behavior can positively and negatively affect social life. It’s a great major if you would like to develop a more in-depth understanding of society by observing it through the lens of different perspectives.

In lectures, you will be taught the dynamics behind social change, the various family structures, sociological research methods, and much more. Regarding educational qualifications, while most workers only have a bachelor’s degree, almost the same number of workers have a doctorate.

2. General Social Sciences

If you’re looking for a broader take on how societies function, you might want to consider taking a major in general social science. You will be taught how to research and analyze the research results based on the history, economics, and psychology of society.

Special science is a common choice for many students, so it can be something you will enjoy. A bachelor’s degree is the most common level of education most workers in this field have, and such education takes about 4 years to complete.

3. Political Economy

If you would like to understand the relationship between society and public policies, for example, enacting a health fitness program for first responders, then a major in political economy would be essential. Before applying for a major in political economy, you need to work on your ability to convey information transparently and, simultaneously, learn to understand shared data.

Most schools only require a high school diploma and SAT results for such a major, but admission requirements will differ depending on the college. A bachelor’s degree in political economy is the most common level of education for workers in this field, and it takes 4 years to complete.

4. International Relations & National Security

If you see yourself having a future in your nation’s national defense and foreign policy programs, this college major would be just for you. You will be taught how the military, diplomacy, and international politics can play a significant role in the defense policy of any nation.

To excel, you must have good history knowledge and strong leadership skills, so you must display these traits in your college application. 

When you eventually get into college, essays and papers will make up most of your assignments. If English is your second language or you find it difficult to write essay assignments, you could always purchase term paper at GrabMyEssay. This way, your grades will always be great. A bachelor’s degree is the most common level of qualification needed to get a job, and it takes 4 years to complete.

In Conclusion

Political science and government-related degrees are one of the easiest ways to get the knowledge you need to succeed in any political office. Your knowledge and experience are priceless and can help shape you into an effective leader or great team player.

While we only went over four college majors, there are many more you can consider, so feel free to do further research. If you see a future in political science for you, pick a major and start your academic journey today.

Author’s Bio

Michael Carr is a freelance writer with a focus on political writing. Ever since Michael was young, he has had an interest in politics. While his interest never involved occupying a leadership position, it allowed him to become a prominent scholar and educator in the realm of political science.