Real Estate 2023 – What Decisions You Must Make to Stay in the Trend

By  //  January 21, 2023

The design of the interior and the interior itself is a component of any building which has a great importance for any property owner. 

If you are engaged in interior design, you are not just making structured rooms for future tenants or beautiful hotel furniture for the joy of potential guests.

Not only aesthetics and beauty depend on the interior and perfectly chosen outdoor furniture, but also the daily mood of the residents, their condition and feeling. You create impressions and comfort, mood and emotions!

Your attention to details, as excellent outdoor furniture, unique colors and individually selected interior decorations play a huge role. The contribution of designers is very significant, remember that! 

What should you know about the interior in 2023? How to be relevant and stay on trend? Let’s see!

Comfort and spacious place

Modern trends in the field of development of technology have created ideal conditions for lovers of minimalism and neatness in the interior.

Household appliances have become more sophisticated and compact, which has helped to free up more space in the house. Now, in order to create a sense of freedom, space, and “air” in an apartment, it is not necessary to have a dwelling with a large area. You can make a spacious home even from a small studio apartment.

Some ideas to equip a small space for comfort. Sometimes people wonder about getting the space huger by using special design elements. It can really work if you do it wisely. For example, thanks to modern technologies, you can create a cinema corner in a small space, by placing a thin TV on the wall or buying a projector for broadcasting movies.

Another effective detail is the equipped workplace at home. Today, everyone strives to allocate a corner for a comfortable solution to professional tasks. Specialists say that this trend will not weaken in the coming years.

As for the decor elements, you have probably noticed the presence of small things in many interiors yet. On the one hand, there are many decorative elements made of ceramics, glass, and living moss. On the other hand, the decoration is often the finishing materials themselves. The trend is for restraint, neatness, lack of frills, and pretentiousness. The function of volume and imagery is assumed by the complex texture of materials, and the play of shades.

Due to the competent combination of fine fabrics with different types of weaving, plaster, wallpaper, the play of light, and the right color scheme, specialists get real luxury!

Scandinavian aesthetics and Japanese minimalism

Who does dictate fashion and trends and who does follow in the market? If you are immersed in the world of interior design or follow the market news, you may have noticed that the main trends are set by Scandinavian designers.

However, Japanese minimalism is also an important detail of the most fashionable interiors of our time, its role cannot be underestimated. At the same time, Milan remains the leading venue.

It is there that specialists from different countries demonstrate their advanced ideas and adopt the experience of colleagues at the profile salon. Of course, Italy will remain the absolute leader in the field of aesthetics of design and the beauty of housing for a long time.

Such interesting solutions await us in 2023. The design of living spaces is an art where each artist has his own view and opinion, where each performer must follow the wishes of the customer and observe the trends and features.

May your creativity always be appreciated and bring you and your customers a lot of joy and pleasure!