Top 3 Traditional Kopitiam Spots in Johor Bahru Malaysia

By  //  January 27, 2023

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“Kopitiam” is a traditional coffee shop and found in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It serves a simple selection of breakfast items, including toast, eggs, butter, and kaya (coconut jelly).

A typical traditional kopitiam has a drink stall that is run by the owner. He sells a wide range of hot and cold beverages such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks. You can also find traditional food from other ethnicities in kopitiam, which allows people of different dietary and ethnic backgrounds to eat together at a single table.

Originating from Hokkien, the term kopi refers to coffee and the word Tiam refers to shops. They can be found in nearly all areas of the city, including some areas that are industrial or business.

Here are the top 3 traditional kopitiams recommended, which are worth a try.

1. Restoran Hua Mui

Restoran Hui Mui Johor Bahru exudes an old-school charm among the new cafes lined along Jalan Dhoby or Jalan Trus. The original Hainanese chicken chop is served at the restaurant, which was founded in 1946. Restoran Hua Mui, which is just 15 minutes from City Square Mall is a great spot to kick-start your day.

This two-story, shabby coffee shop may not look appealing at first, but locals and tourists love it. They often bring their entire morning’s breakfast to this coffee shop, which is open from 9 AM until midnight. There is sure to be something for everyone, from the popular charcoal grilled butter to the kaya toast to Western and Eastern food options.

It is so crowded that a queue forms at the bottom of the stairs to the first floor. You simply list your order on a chit and then hand it to staff. If you are lucky, your food will be delivered within 15 minutes. If you are not lucky, you will need to wait 30-40 minutes before you can get your food.

You can order a portion of kaya toast while you wait, as it is a Hua Mui specialty. Lightly toasted Hainanese bread is served with a slab salted butter and kaya in the middle. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it’s enough for a quick morning snack.

Restoran Hua Mui’s Hainanese chicken chop (RM15.90) is the star attraction. The fried chicken chop was served on a bed of savoury gravy, some peas, and a few potato wedges. It was juicy and succulent in the middle, indicating that the chicken chop had been properly marinated before being fried.

2. Restoran Keng Seng

Are you heading to Jalan Kiambang but don’t know where to eat?

Don’t worry. Restoran Keng Seng, located in Taman Bunga Raya, is a famous restaurant in Johor Bahru. Keng Seng was a favorite of many and is still run by the founder’s son. You can enjoy a great noodle-based breakfast at the kopitiam. There are also options for dried or soup-based noodles. You can also choose from mee kia or mee pok noodles, depending on your preferences.

There are many options for homemade yong tau foo, fishballs, and pig intestinales to accompany the soup. The majority of the yong Tau foo, fish balls, and fish cake slices are generic (e.g. The yong tau foo is stuffed with commercially blended fish paste. It is delicious when combined with the soup made with pork intestines. You may have to wait a while as the stall owners are busy.

3. Restoran Kin Hua

You don’t own a car but want to eat in Johor. No problem lah! There are many good restaurants around Johor Bahru City Square. Restoran Kin Wah is a great place to have a traditional breakfast. It’s located near Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, “Culture Street.” This is a simple, old-school breakfast kopitiam that sells only the essentials.

I think this place has the best coffee and half-boiled egg in town. It’s rich and creamy, with just the right amount sugar. You can smell the distinctive aroma of coffee when you hold it up to your nose. Roti kaya and a slab butter are the perfect accompaniments to kopi.

Restoran Kin Hua has a wide selection of breakfast specials. Their coffee is available in a variety of styles. They offer breakfast with bread toast and eggs that are delicious and homey. Restoran Kin Hua uses fresh, half-boiled eggs made from kampung chicken eggs. This is a departure from other coffee shops. These eggs are free-range hens and are given growth hormones. There is a staff member who cracks open the eggs.

The fried noodles are delicious and filling. The restaurant is popular with locals and tourists alike. They offer quality lunches and dinners.

They offer mixed-food rice as their signature dish. They offer moderate portions and are relatively inexpensive compared to other standard dishes.

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