THIS WEEK @NASA: President’s Budget Request for NASA, Crew-5 Mission Returns from the Space Station

By  //  March 18, 2023

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ABOVE VIDEO: The President’s Budget Request for NASA, Crew-5 is safely back on Earth, and a look at a possible Moon mission spacesuit … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

The President’s Budget Request for NASA

The Biden-Harris Administration’s recently released Budget for Fiscal Year 2024 includes a $27.2 billion request for NASA. This represents a strong show of support for the agency to continue its efforts on behalf of all humanity.

This includes exploration of the universe through Artemis, the return of samples from Mars, monitoring and protecting our home planet, advancing sustainable aviation, and more. Additional details are available at

Crew-5 Mission Returns from the Space Station

On March 11, a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft safely splashed down off the coast of Tampa, Florida to return our Crew-5 mission from the International Space Station. Four days later, the crew – including NASA astronauts Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada, talked about their mission during a news conference at our Johnson Space Center. Crew-5 spent 157 days in orbit.

Artemis Moon Mission Spacesuit Prototype Revealed

During a March 15 event near our Johnson Space Center, NASA partner, Axiom Space revealed a prototype of a spacesuit design NASA astronauts could wear on the Moon during our Artemis III mission. The agency selected Axiom Space to deliver a moonwalking system to land the first astronauts near the lunar South Pole.

Resupply Mission Launches to the Space Station

On March 14, SpaceX launched a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the space station from our Kennedy Space Center with new science investigations, supplies, and equipment for the station crew. This is the company’s 27th commercial resupply mission to the space station for NASA.

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