Tips for Finding the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

By  //  June 1, 2023

A cozy and refreshing sleep depends on choosing the perfect mattresses for side sleepers.  There are a lot of benefits of mattresses to side sleeping, including improved spinal alignment as well as reduced snoring.

However, if the mattress is not correctly placed, it puts particular pressure areas on the shoulders, hips, and knees, which can cause discomfort. To guarantee the best and healthy sleep, it is important that you are using the right mattress, especially for side sleepers. In this article, we will talk about tips on finding the best mattress for side sleepers.

5 useful tips for finding the best mattress

  • Consider the material and thickness of the mattress. 

Carefully think about what you want to feel when you sleep because different materials provide different levels of comfort.  One of the popular mattresses for a side sleeper is the memory foam. Memory foam relieves pressure areas and closely matches the shape of the body. 

Medicare Supplement Plan CEO, Loran Marmes suggested the same thing and says, “For side sleepers, a firm mattress their sleep restful, and comfortable.  For this reason, side sleepers should always consider the material and thickness of the mattress. Material such as latex provides pressure relief.  In addition, side sleepers should avoid soft toppers because they may cause sinkage or discomfort.”

Determining what is necessary that side sleepers should take into consideration while choosing a mattress is important. 

  • Choose a mattress that is allergen resistant.

According to Kyle Sobko, the CEO of SonderCare, oftentimes, people forget the important features a mattress should have, to focus only on the external features and benefits of the chosen mattress, however, health-wise one of the features side sleepers should keep in mind when choosing a mattress topper is if it is allergen resistant. 

Choosing mattresses that are allergen resistant, especially for people who have sensitivities and allergies, it would be best to look for a hypoallergenic mattress. This feature can help create a healthier sleep environment and reduce potential allergic reactions. 

  • Choose a mattress design that prioritizes pressure relief.

Mattress toppers are designed specifically for side sleepers that cater to their unique needs and provide them comfort and support. 

The CEO of Starlinkhow, Erin Zandoorian says, “Pressure relief is one of the areas that mattress toppers differ from other designs for other sleeping positions because mattress toppers for side sleepers prioritize pressure relief by using materials such as memory foam and latex; this material prevents discomfort during sleep.”

  • Choose a mattress that has cooling properties.

For a relaxing sleep, Jane Gold – Founder of Aminel says that temperature plays an important part.  Some of the mattresses keep the heat and this could be another cause of uncomfortable sleep for side sleepers. That is why, look for mattresses that have cooling properties such as gel-infused foam or any breathable materials to maintain a pleasant temperature. 

  • Read reviews before purchasing the mattress.

Before making the decision of buying the mattress, you might need to collect and read reviews from the people who already purchase the mattress you have in mind.  Sometimes, features highlighted on the product do not match the experience of the customers. 

How about your budget?

It is normal that when you purchase a product features is one of the priority. However, consider your budget, too. It is important that you choose the mattress that fits your budget. Here are the tips for prioritizing features while considering affordable options. 

  • Determine the firmness, comfort, relaxation, and longevity qualities that you must have in a mattress.
  • Find a mattress that fits your preferences and price budget by checking out different mattress types.
  • Set a budget limit on spending to avoid getting too far and choose mattresses that are the most affordable.
  • To find affordable options, check out offers, discounts, and deals that mattress stores are offering.
  • Take a look at online sellers of mattresses, which often offer affordable prices and long trial periods.
  • Never cut back on qualities that are needed for a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.
  • To ensure an effective long-term investment, find a balance between quality and price.

How to maintain and care for Mattresses?

The durability and longevity of the mattress depend on how you maintain care for it.  Here are the 5 tips on how to maintain your mattress.

  • Use a waterproof mattress cover. This protects the mattress from possible spills and stains. Wash the mattress cover regularly to always keep your mattress clean and fresh.
  • Occasionally remove the bedding. Allow your mattress to breathe and be properly ventilated. This could help avoid and remove odors and moisture. 
  • Do not fold or bend the mattress. Mattresses are not meant to be folded as they can cause damage to the internal structure of the mattress.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. The majority of the manufacturer provides guidelines on how to clean the mattress along with the restrictions.
  • Replace when needed. Despite the constant effort of maintaining and cleaning your mattress, it has still a life span. If you notice that it’s not comfortable enough, then it’s time to replace it.

You cannot only ensure durability but it also provides a healthy and clean sleeping environment.

In conclusion, a comfortable mattress especially for side sleepers is important. After all, sleep is important, too. If you are not getting a good night’s sleep just because of a mattress, it would not only affect your physically but also mentally because lack of or uncomfortable sleep leads to stress. Nevertheless, by using these tips as a guide,  a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.