Pros and Cons of Sharing a Flat in New York

By  //  July 21, 2023

New York City is one of the most desirable places to live and work. This is why people try to find an appropriate place to live that is harmonically comfortable and affordable.

One of the ways to reduce the expenses on accommodation is to find alternatives like shared living. What do you need to do to share apartments in NYC, and what positive and negative sides does this option have?

What is Shared Living

As you can suppose by the name of this renting mode, it’s when you share an apartment or a room with other people and divide the rental payment between each other. Shared living is commonplace for many young people in the world, and the brightest example is the college dormitory. But in contrast to student residencies like this, shared living allows for more comfort and freedom in terms of leisure and living conditions. 

You can find a flat for shared living individually (as a group of college mates or friends) or address a company that helps find options to benefit from when you move alone. Such companies offer renting period options and better flat maintenance in a far more organized way. So people have more chances to avoid issues arising in individual communication with landlords directly. 

Shared VS Individual Sharing

As with any other aspect of life, shared renting has positive and negative sides. Let’s shortlist the talking points that constitute both for you to decide if it could be a convenient option. 


Among the advantages characteristic of shared living, we’d like to emphasize the following:

  • lower rental cost;
  • better accommodation conditions;
  • often, provided maintenance;
  • shared responsibilities about the household – you don’t need to do everything by yourself;
  • communication opportunities are great for extraverted minds;
  • obtaining experience in getting on well with unknown people if you enter a new community;
  • generally, a good chance to settle down in the area with great professional and personal growth opportunities.

The list is not excessive as every person can find their benefits.


Among the inconveniences that may happen, we can suppose the following:

  • many people wander around, which can be a challenge for introverted personalities;
  • you can come across a dishonest roommate.

Many other negative aspects depend more on personal preferences, too. 

The bottom line is that shared living curated by a particular company covers most points that could be more or less negative. 

Where to Find a Flat for Sharing

Outpost Club is one of the best companies in America that organize shared living spaces and supports community connections. They provide great conditions for the residents and, what’s even more important, guarantee the safety of your personal belongings and privacy. 

When you look for a place to move in NYC many points require consideration. However, if you find a great guiding team of professionals, you can avoid most problems arising from shared living. Use your opportunities at a new place in full with Outpost Club!