Cactus AI Review | Full Guide

By  //  August 21, 2023

The use of AI has greatly transformed numerous areas, including the field of education.AI writing tools like Caktus AI have facilitated the completion of academic assignments for students, making the process more convenient and productive.

Caktus AI is an all-encompassing AI writing tool developed specifically for students, providing a variety of functions such as coding, essay composition, constructing paragraphs, and even resolving mathematical problems.

Simply provide the tool with a prompt like “Compose an essay on cats,” and it handles all the remaining tasks. You can reade more about caktus ai review here.

This article provides a thorough evaluation of Caktus AI, which is among the initial AI writing tools available in the education industry.

I demonstrate the functioning of the key aspects of this tool. Additionally, I discuss the significant issues encountered with some of the results. Lastly, I provide valuable guidance on effectively utilizing a similar tool.

Caktus AI Overview

Caktus AI serves as a writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It is capable of transforming your text input into a comprehensive and complete homework answer. Caktus can be utilized for writing purposes. essays  ,  solve math problems  , and  write code  . The tool has a  free trial and a cost-effective option for students offering unrestricted usage. Caktus is a perfect companion for students, serving as an AI assistant to enhance their exercise outcomes and increase overall productivity. This tool is capable of completing exercises entirely, although it may make occasional errors and produce non-original content.

Key Features

  • Free trial of 5,000 characters.
  • There are numerous beneficial features available to students, including tools like an essay generator and code generator.
  • This tool is simple to operate—simply convey your desired content and it will handle everything else.
  • An AI assistant that is semi-automatic and can handle a majority of tasks but still needs some manual involvement.
  • Records your progress so that you can revisit your tasks and make changes/request updated results at a later time.

Getting Started with Caktus AI

Beginning your journey with Caktus is a straightforward process. Simply visit their website and commence the creation process. Upon selecting a desired functionality, you will be prompted to establish an account.

Please be aware that it is not possible to register for an account using Google or Facebook when using this tool. Instead, you are required to create a new account manually.

My Experience with Caktus AI

Caktus contains numerous writing features.In order to keep this review concise, I will only focus on the key points from a student’s standpoint, avoiding an extensive two-hour-long analysis.

In brief, I will test the effectiveness of this tool in writing essays, solving math problems, and coding.

Moreover, the most effective approach to determine if this tool is suitable for your needs is by personally testing it. A (restricted) free trial of 5,000 characters is available for you to explore and evaluate.

1. Essay Writer

If you want to compose an essay using Caktus, select the Essay Writer tool and provide the assigned topic. Afterwards, you will have to wait for approximately 30 to 60 seconds for the tool to create the essay.

To examine this functionality, I requested Caktus to create an essay titled “Why does the sky appear blue instead of white like the sun.”

At first glance, this essay appears to be impressive. It includes proper references to the primary research articles.

However, it also has numerous issues.

First of all, the The second chapter has no relevance.The paragraph discusses computer graphics research and visual experiences as they relate to the question of why the sky appears blue.

Furthermore, the article discusses the phenomenon of the sky taking on a red or orange hue during sunset in subsequent sections. It explains that this change in color occurs due to the sun being positioned closer or farther away.

travel through more or less atmosphere at different times of the day, causing the sun to appear higher or lower in the sky. travel longer distances during sunrise or sunset, in the earth’s atmosphere.

The AI essay generator makes a convincingly false assertion.

Sometimes, Caktus can make mistakes that are difficult to identify. To guarantee precision, it is essential to extensively fact-check and authenticate the information in the essay. Regrettably, this process can be more time-consuming compared to creating the piece entirely anew.

The AI is more prone to making errors when there is limited knowledge on the subject.

2. Paragraph Generator

Caktus also offers the Paragraph Generator as an additional interesting feature.

Just like the essay generator, this functionality requires you to provide a brief input regarding the paragraph you wish to write. Subsequently, after a brief wait of 15 to 30 seconds, you receive a paragraph generated by artificial intelligence which is entirely distinct and innovative.

As an illustration, I inquired the paragraph producer to define “Artificial Intelligence” and the resulting response I received is as follows:

This particular chapter appears aesthetically pleasing. The information presented is unquestionably organized, and the text is succinct and brief.

The paragraph analysis shows that 9% of the content has been plagiarized. The tool highlights that the first sentence has been copied from a specific source.

 So be careful It would be undesirable to be accused of plagiarism, especially if you are dependent on a tool that guarantees not to engage in it.

3. Math Solver

Caktus offers a helpful function called math solver mode, which enables users to effortlessly solve equations and mathematical problems.

Here, I have requested the tool to locate the roots of a quadratic equation as an illustration.

The solution provided is entirely accurate and was calculated in under 5 seconds.

comparison, Wolfram Alpha is available for free and can be accessed easily. Therefore, while Caktus can be employed for mathematical computations and practice, the same tasks can be accomplished without cost using Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha  .

Please note that you cannot describe the math problem using words in this situation. Instead, you must present it with an equation to solve. As a result, this functionality is similar to a graphical calculator rather than an artificial intelligence math solver.

4. Code Writer

Lastly, we should give the code writer tool a test. There are multiple languages available for selection, but we’ll opt for Python as it’s the most widely used language.

I requested the software to generate a script that can extract the webpage HTML for URLs saved in a text document.

It only took one second to write this code.

I was very impressed with what happened! I took steps to confirm that the code functions properly, and it did indeed! I generated a document on my computer’s desktop containing website addresses, and I executed the script mentioned above using the terminal. I wanted to ensure that the script successfully retrieved the HTML content, and that is precisely what it accomplished! This is such a great feature.

In the realm of complex coding, limitations are inevitable. Artificial intelligence (AI) is incapable of producing flawless code that never fails. AI is capable of effortlessly accomplishing simple tasks such as opening a file or retrieving data from a URL. However, when it comes to tasks like creating a game or developing a potent and dependable software, AI’s capabilities fall short.

By now, I have examined certain exceptional aspects of Caktus. I must admit that I am genuinely impressed with the code generator, which performed its task incredibly quickly and accurately.

However, the other functionalities are not particularly noteworthy. The math solver is available as a standalone tool at no cost. As for the essay/paragraph generators, they function adequately, but they tend to produce numerous errors and occasionally even plagiarize content.

The other functionalities of Caktus utilize the identical technology. This implies that these problems also exist there, despite my not specifically testing them!


Caktus offers a complimentary trial of 5,000 characters, equivalent to approximately 500 to 1,000 words.

The  Caktus Premium  plan comes at  $9.99/month With this strategy, you have the ability to produce an infinite amount of words.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
✅ Results that appear to have been written by a human 👍 The tool operates at a slower pace compared to the majority of other AI writing tools I have tried.
✅ Plenty of features and services ⭕ The tool does not provide any support/contact details anywhere.
The feature of the code generator rapidly produces functional and valid code within a matter of seconds.

Caktus AI is perfect for students.This particular tool is capable of generating essays, finding solutions to equations, and even writing code. It is an ideal tool for students since it is highly effective, even for university-level assignments. Moreover, it offers an affordable unlimited plan unlike other AI writing tools such as Jasper, Content at Scale, and CopyAI.

Final Verdict

Caktus AI is a remarkable writing assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence.You must absolutely begin exploring AI as it is the future.

Nevertheless, I want to highlight the term “AI assistant” – this tool is not capable of solving all your homework without any help. It is prone to errors and may even copy content from other sources.

Despite that, Caktus AI is remarkably remarkable. It is hard to believe that such tools would be possible in just a few years, especially in 2020, but here we are!

However, please exercise caution when dealing with artificial intelligence.The issue with artificial intelligence lies in its inability to engage in actual thinking. Instead, it operates as a mathematical framework that uses its acquired knowledge from the internet to anticipate outcomes. It lacks the capability to discern between what is correct or incorrect; its high success rate is merely a statistical coincidence.

As demonstrated in the aforementioned examples, it generated content that was both plagiarized and inaccurate, making it difficult to identify.