Unusual Gifts for the Person Who is Impossible to Buy For

By  //  August 23, 2023

You no doubt know one or two of them, or it might have been mentioned that you are one of these yourself.

These are the people that are impossible to buy for, either because they already ‘have everything’ or are so changeable in their preferences that by the time their birthday comes around, they no longer want or need what you thought was perfect a few months ago.

There is, of course, the option of just giving them money, but that might not be your style and it doesn’t give them anything to unwrap. Instead, you could explore some alternative solutions that are unusual, and easily adaptable should the person change their mind regularly.

#1 A Streaming Subscription

There are so many subscriptions for TV streaming services around now, it is hard to keep track of which is which. It is no longer the case where you could just get Netflix and be able to find just about anything you want. Buying them a year’s subscription to a single channel is probably not a bad idea, but if you offer to finance a premium channel each, you can make sure they have something to watch no matter how often their mood changes. So, you could pay for Disney+ while they binge-watch The Mandalorian, then change to Netflix, so they can catch up on Stanger Things or Arnie’s first TV series.

#2 Disposable Vapes

Looking for the perfect gift for a vape enthusiast in your life? Think disposable vapes! With an exciting assortment of E-Liquid flavours available, there’s always something new to experience. By the time Christmas or their birthday rolls around, they might be ready for a fresh flavour adventure.

Presenting them with a selection of disposable vapes in various flavours could be an unexpected delight, providing them with an intriguing assortment to explore. What’s more, disposable vapes don’t require recharging or refilling – they’re ready to go as is. This makes them not just an innovative, but also a highly convenient gift option. So why not gift a touch of creativity this festive season? It could be the perfect way to add a little surprise to their vaping journey.

#3 Buy Them a ‘Cooking’ or ‘Making’ Course

As you already know, this person is easily distracted by the next new thing, so giving them the chance to learn something that is out of their comfort zone could be the perfect fit. It could be a shabby chic painting course, so they can upcycle their favourite chair, or lessons on how to cook restaurant-quality curry dishes for those who are always disappointed by what they buy in a supermarket. Either way, it is bound to catch their interest and you could start them off with a whole new hobby. Also, if it is something you like doing as well, it might be a good way of spending more time with that person, if you feel you have lost touch lately.

Final Thoughts

Buying gifts for people is always a difficult business, and when that person is hard to buy for, it might seem all but impossible. However, by thinking outside the box, you can provide them with a gift that will appeal to their rather mercurial tastes, and even start them off on a new path with an entirely new interest.