3 Best Opportunities for Caribbean Citizenship

By  //  September 5, 2023

Belonging to a particular country will not prevent one from participating in programs for obtaining a second passport.

Those foreigners who are ready to invest part of their capital in another country have the opportunity to choose a new place to live and continue doing what they love.

The conditions of the programs differ, but this hurdle is easy to overcome. Professional assistance of agents will allow wealthy immigrants to step forward and immigrate. In addition, Caribbean passport visa-free countries are an excellent opportunity to travel the world and leave when the borders are closed.

Overview and benefits of Caribbean citizenship

Caribbean islands are attractive not only for tourists but also for entrepreneurs. The countries offer to go from foreign investors to residents in a short period of time. Application processing takes no more than six months, and the first advantage will quickly become available.

The Caribbean passport holder gets the opportunity to travel without visa processing and also:

  • use a new taxation system, often with more favorable conditions;
  • acquire real estate outside their home country;
  • scale the business through the establishment of a new office on the islands and its movement;
  • include immediate family, spouse, and children in the application;
  • diversify income sources and start a new business in tourism.

Participation costs start at $100,000, and several options will allow one to choose the right offer for one’s requirements. According to agent Acyr Jardim (Imin Caribbean Agency), a second passport opens up new opportunities, including an attractive visa-free option.

First Opportunity: Purchasing Real Estate

Buying real estate is a standard investment option. Wealthy foreigners select properties by following government requirements. Some countries restrict investors from resale, but this condition is rare in Caribbean programs.

Participation costs at least 175 thousand dollars when choosing this option. Immigrants select their preferred type of real estate taking into account:

  • liquidity (payback period is five years);
  • amenities (whether to rent or live in the house is up to you);
  • affordability (prices vary from country to country, with costs ranging from 5 to 8 thousand per square meter).

Caribbean passport by real estate investment is a profitable way to obtain citizenship, optimize taxes, and return the capital within a few years. Double taxation is avoided as the cosmopolitan can choose his preferred tax system.

Second Opportunity: Contribution to the State Fund

A non-refundable contribution to the Country Fund is among the investment options. The amount is usually from 100,000, but the amount varies. For example, adding other applicants will increase the cost by 50 thousand. Also, the contribution amount depends on the rules of the particular state.

Buying government bonds is a type of contribution. After five years, the holder becomes eligible to sell these bonds. The passport remains with the holder. Support of state funds by foreigners allows the development of the economy, science, and infrastructure. Since the contribution is not refundable, the interest reason is reduced to the offered participation price.

Third Opportunity: Business Investment

Developing or starting a new business is a way to get Caribbean citizenship. Participation costs vary from a minimum of $500,000 to $6 million. The conditions for obtaining a passport include:

  • job creation;
  • The minimum holding period is five years;
  • payment of administrative and processing fees.

The maximum investment amount of $6 million implies registering a new company or enterprise. At the same time, the owner is obliged to employ 50 or more people.

The conditions of the program depend on the Caribbean island selected. For example, the list may include a preferred type of terrain or specific job (e.g., agriculture). To make the choice hassle-free, one should contact a certified agent. He will advise, consider the foreigner’s requirements, and help draw up the documents.


Caribbean citizenship by investment programs includes several options to choose from. The investor determines the appropriate path on their own. Visiting consulates is often not necessary, and an engaged agent or investment attorney carries out the transfer of documents. It is worth studying the current conditions of the program in advance to make a favorable decision. To quickly resolve all issues, enlist the support of professionals.