QNET Defeats Scam Allegations By Embracing These 2023 Direct Selling Trends

By  //  September 26, 2023

QNET appears to be an early adopter of direct selling industry trends. For years the company, which gets mislabeled as a scam, has been leveraging current industry trends in initiatives such as training its sales force, mobile app development, and customer success experiences.

The wellness and lifestyle products-focused company that uses a direct selling model powered by an e-commerce platform is currently celebrating 25 years in business.

“The founders of QNET used to be distributors, so they understand what it takes to really succeed in the field. They made it a point that if they were ever going to start a company, they would always make it a customer-first company and support the growth of the business and the distributors on the ground,” said Trevor Kuna, chief strategy and transformation officer of QI Group. 

“One of the things that makes [it] different is that we have a much stronger engagement with our network of distributors and customers than perhaps any other direct selling company anywhere else.”

QNET Is a Trendsetting Company

QNET embraces the benefits of a digital e-commerce platform and is focused on creating a smooth, consistent user experience for its customers and independent representatives. It’s also been an early adopter at leveraging these 2023 industry trends, as identified by S4DS, the company behind the omnichannel ready-to-use software solution in the cloud.

— Training: Properly training sales forces is smart business in the direct selling industry — and for good reason. Inclusive sales training for all across diverse economic and geographical regions is essential. To prepare motivated entrepreneurs to work with direct sales, the business embraces transparency in all aspects. It makes training programs available to independent distributors and customers, covering topics such as trends, industry news, company values, product updates, ethical ways to operate a business, and compensation plans. Diligent independent representatives who put in the work will gain the tools necessary to generate sales and build a network.

“Many people become entrepreneurs thanks to direct selling,” said Kuna. “It’s not just about financial gain, but about other skills you learn: leadership, goal setting, financial planning, etc. It’s also about how to talk to people, how to deal with people, how to overcome challenges, and how to manage rejection. All of these things are an integral part of the training programs we provide to our distributors.” 

Independent representatives are the best advertising for the global business. The company shares success stories on QBUZZ and social media platforms, including YouTube.

— Mobile Development: Mobile apps can be a huge asset to businesses. The best ones act as a virtual office that optimizes seamless user experience on mobile devices or desktops. QNET advertises its mobile app as “every distributor’s partner in their journey to success, bringing all the most important aspects of the business into one digital hub.” The app allows independent representatives to run their business from a smartphone anywhere in the world.

In the past, distributors had to keep track of their performance and figure out how to rise to the next-level rank. The ever-evolving company developed a way to improve the experience. It launched a mobile app that seamlessly integrated all business features into one app. It made it easy and convenient for independent representatives to track their performance. 

The app also helps independent representatives see what actions they need to take to qualify for the next level. “Our distributors have a growth path that enables them to increase their income potential over time. We offer different types of ranks, and they have to qualify through each rank starting at Bronze, Silver, and Gold, all the way up to Blue Diamond, the highest possible rank, with the largest income potential,” stated Ivan Woo, chief information officer at QI Group.

“Since we are a global network, we have also added custom features for different countries,” stated Woo. For example, distributors in India have an electronic know your client feature for digital authentication through the app. Woo said, “We are in the midst of a transformation to enhance the technology capability to proactively tell our independent representatives the kind of things they can do in order to move to the next rank and improve commission performance.”

— Human-Centric Technology: Human-centered technology is created with the end user in mind. It strives to address users’ needs and desires to improve how the business operates to meet the needs of its customers and independent representatives. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience,” stated Woo.

A few years ago the company launched one unified platform — the same IT infrastructure and processes worldwide — to serve its global business. Technology remains a key driver in how QNET distinguishes itself from its competitors and scam imitators. “We have millions of people in our database in more than 100 countries, and they speak different languages, come from different cultures and different levels of exposure to technology,” stated Woo.

Woo explained that the company hopes “to accelerate digital transformation by embracing more [artificial intelligence]-based technologies. We are looking to explore the adoption of AI services and tools, with the aim to enhance efficiency.”

— Customer Success Experiences: Building relationships with people is integral to an independent representative’s success. Those relationships can be maximized through the customer experiences allowed by the platform and interactions between customers and independent representatives. “The foundation of the direct selling business is the relationship and personal touch that distributors build with their customers and their own team members,” said Malou Caluza, CEO.

Unlike scam companies, QNET focuses on understanding customers’ goals and helping independent representatives achieve their goals to create an overall positive relationship and experience with customers. It has a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide, and its exclusive health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products are shipped to customers in nearly 100 countries.

Don’t Fall for Scam Accusations

Technology helps QNET fuel the business through its e-commerce platform. It allows the company to provide cross-border opportunities to people worldwide while growing a network without obstacles brought about by geographical lines.

The need for additional income opportunities in developing and underdeveloped countries has been a driving factor in the direct selling establishments market. Unfortunately, direct selling companies are commonly misunderstood or mistaken for get-rich-quick scams and pyramid schemes. This is especially true in emerging markets where the direct selling industry is less regulated by consumer protections. “The challenge is the lack of awareness and the lack of a legal framework to help the public differentiate between the genuine companies and pyramid schemes,” said Caluza. “Many people are wary of it.”

To address this, the company focuses on education and awareness through social media campaigns, stakeholder engagement, training and events, public relations programs, and seminars to help people understand the positive socioeconomic impact of direct selling. Caluza said, “We also focus on educating them about the difference between legitimate direct selling businesses and illegal pyramid schemes.”

What will it do next? One thing is for sure — QNET operates with integrity.