OP-ED: State Rep. Randy Fine Endorses Donald Trump for President in 2024

By  //  October 24, 2023

FINE: we must return Donald Trump to the Oval Office

State Rep. Randy Fine Endorses Donald Trump for President in 2024

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – I got jumped by a Nazi in Florida. On video. Two weeks ago.

In Ron DeSantis’ Florida, that’s no big deal.

I’m a target; I am the only Republican Jew elected to the Florida Legislature, and you will find few people in the Legislature who have championed Mr. DeSantis more. I endorsed him before he was the Republican nominee for Governor. I was his Jewish Outreach Chair. I carried his bills to take on Disney and end child mutilation in the name of fake gender “science.”

Every piece of legislation you hear him talk about regarding Jewish issues is one I wrote.

I love his words. His actions have broken my heart.

Before Governor DeSantis got elected, I helped fund a state Holocaust memorial. It’s five years later; they haven’t broken ground. Governor DeSantis has taken longer to commemorate the deaths of six million Jews than it took the Allies to stop the deaths of six million more.

Eighteen months ago, my Nazi “friends” showed up in Florida. They assaulted a Rabbi. They beat up a Jew who yelled back at one of their protests. They commandeered highway overpasses to illegally hang banners saying “Gas the Jews.” They have tormented Jews at their homes with filth. Until a few weeks ago, Governor DeSantis said almost nothing. And worse, he did almost nothing.

Today, in the aftermath of the worst attack on my people since the Holocaust, we have open anti-Semitic protests taking place all over the state, worst of all on our State University campuses. In 2019, I wrote a bill that would allow the Governor to end these – it was the centerpiece of his trade mission to Israel. The bill was simple – our universities already kick kids out who call Black students the “n-word” – as they should. It simply required them to do the same for Jewish kids being told they should be wiped off the earth. When I begged Governor DeSantis to use the bill to protect these children after the attack, he shrugged it off and passed the buck to our University Presidents. They continue to do nothing.

In 2020, I had an open anti-Semite run against me; she called me a “pest” who should be “exterminated.” So many Republican leaders came to my defense; Governor DeSantis did not. He didn’t even endorse me.

I made excuses for all of it.

But I can’t anymore. Our world changed forever on October 7. The Holocaust did not end in 1945; it just went into hibernation. Radical Islam is the spiritual successor to the Nazis.

Words won’t save us.

Only actions will.

Donald Trump didn’t just talk about moving the Embassy. He did it.

Donald Trump didn’t just talk about Israeli security. He green-lit them annexing the Golan.

Donald Trump didn’t just talk about peace. He signed the Abraham Accords. He deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for it.

When he was President, Islamic countries weren’t attacking Jews over there; neo-Nazis were not attacking Jews over here because they feared him.

The past two weeks have made me realize our choice as Jews is simple. We can vote for the Governor who says all the right things, or we can vote for the President who actually does them. When it comes to action, Donald Trump has never let us down.

I wrote this while just down the street a group of my fellow Americans openly rallied for the death of my children. Just two miles from where Ron DeSantis lives.

There is one man I know who can bring this to an end. I know this because I don’t have to trust his words.

I can remember his acts.

There is no choice – we must return Donald Trump to the Oval Office. For Israel. For Jews. For America. And for the World.

*This op-ed first appeared on the Washington Times