Sushoo and MedExperts Announce Partnership

By  //  March 15, 2012


BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Doctors Partner Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Sushoo Health Information Exchange (HIE) are proud to announce a new partnership with MedExperts, LLC.


Sushoo and Docto’s Partner have been operating for over 10 years out of Brevard County, Florda and has made its biggest impact via the internet.

“Ninety percent of our sales have been web based to date,” said Naveen Venkatachalam.

“Doctors Partner has managed to gain over 250 physician users and over a thousand total users using only a web based sales force.”

MedExperts is an international powerhouse that is based out of Reno, Nevada.

As one of the nation’s most widely used medical software and service providers, MedExperts specializes in Electronic Health Records (EHR), Revenue Management Solutions, Electronic Data Interchange, and Healthcare Information Exchange.

MedExperts offers some of the most comprehensive medical workflow solutions. Their offerings help clients reduce costs, streamline operations and improve patient care.

“Doctors Partner and Sushoo align perfectly with our core values, direction, and forward-thinking mentality.”

“MedExperts often partners with other companies in the industry who have similar focus and determination,” said Ken Doke.


“We use a ‘best of breed’ mentality when choosing a partner, and we try and align ourselves with companies that have similar commitments to quality and customer satisfaction,” said Doke.

“Doctors Partner and Sushoo align perfectly with our core values, direction, and forward-thinking mentality.”

Venkatachalam said there are a lot of synergies between these two companies.

“We will be able to help each other create new products and fine tune existing ones that will provide physicians the tools they need to succeed,” said Venkatachalam.

Doke commented, “Together we will attack healthcare reform and the ever changing IT demands in the medical field.  Physicians will know they can always trust us to be on the cutting edge of medical technology.”

• For information about MedExperts log on to or call 866-871-0952

• For information about Sushoo or Doctor’s Partner log on to or call 321-574-5356