Announces ‘Smoke/Tobacco Free Brevard’ Program

By  //  January 26, 2013

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – has announced that “Smoke/Tobacco Free Brevard,” will be their first 2013 health and wellness campaign in Brevard County.

MyMedWall, Sushoo and DoctorsPartner co-founders Naveen Venkatachalam and Dr. Geetha Priyanka.

“Our goal is to achieve at least 50 ex-tobacco users this year in Brevard alone,” said co-founder Dr. Geetha Priyanka.

Statistics show 27.8 percent of the population in Brevard smoke, which is four percent above the national average.

“The tobacco companies spend $936 million on marketing in Florida,” said Dr. Priyanka. “And the statistics also show one out of every five deaths currently in the U.S. is related to smoking – and it is the leading preventable disease in the America.”

MEDICAL ‘FACEBOOK’ – likened to a “medical facebook” – is a complete medical “home” for patients, allowing them and their providers to combine social networking with the exchange of vital healthcare information.

Using a unique implementation of social networking concepts to actively engage a patient to maintain their personal health record, MyMedWall securely connects and shares health data with their medical service providers, participates in support groups and reviews educational medical information specific to their health needs.

To participate in the “Smoke/Tobacco Free Brevard” campaign on follow these steps:

• Log on to and register as a new user and select the appropriate category.
• Create a username and password and the system will e-mail you confirmation.
• Upon receipt of confirmation, sign in and click the colorful table of people on upper right, tagged “Campaigns and Focus Groups.”
• Select the “Smoke/Tobacco Free Brevard” campaign and either join or pledge.

“There are educational and resource links that you can direct connect to, as well as sign in for stories and request support,” said Dr. Priyanka. “We are looking for support to help at least 50 people quit smoking this year in Brevard County.”

Dr. Priyanka said other health and wellness initiatives planned for 2013 in Brevard include “Drug Free Brevard,” “Kick-Off 3 Pounds A Month,” and campaigns for anti-bullying and women abuse.

Register at: or for more information call 321-574-5356.