DoctorsPartner Improves Pediatric Wizards Patient Care

By  //  December 26, 2012


BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – At the age of 6, Dr. David Helft experienced what would eventually lead him to an outstanding career in pediatrics.

Dr. Helft

The now 42 year old pediatric physician suffered a near fatal car accident. After multiple surgeries and weeks of intensive rehabilitation, Dr. Helft was able to make a full recovery.

Fortunately for the residents of Brevard County, this real-life experience is what drove Helft to become a pediatrician.

“Children are and have always been our top priority,” said Helft.

“We strive to make each child and parent extremely comfortable with our services. Over the years, I have come to know pediatrics very well. Until now, I never realized that my staff and I would also have to become IT experts.”

What Helft is referring to is the government’s now demand on physicians to adopt electronic medical records.

“At our office we have become experts at pediatric patient care,” said Helft.

“Through our involvement with DoctorsPartner and Dr. (Geetha) Priyanka, we will soon become experts with computers.”

“In the last year, we are proud to say that we have developed DoctorsPartner into one of the most outstanding EMR solutions for pediatricians.” said Priyanka.

Through health care reform, Helft and his staff at Pediatric Wizards in Eau Gallie have been able to develop a strong working relationship with Internal Medicine physician Dr. Geetha Priyanka.

Dr. Priyanka is not only a world-class internist, but is also the co-founder and Medical Director of DoctorsPartner – an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

“Getting to know David over the last few years has been a great pleasure,” said Dr. Priyanka.

“I just knew we would be able to help his office overcome their fears of EMR.”

“DoctorsPartner has truly been a life saver for our office. Not only have we been able to comply with the latest government regulations, we have also become much more efficient. We have greatly increased the efficiency of our work flow and patient care,” said Helft.

Significant Improvements In Continuity of Patient Care

DOCTORS PARTNER CO-FOUNDERS: Dr. Geetha Priyanka and Naveen Venkatachalam

Since the installation of DoctorsPartner, Helft has noticed significant improvements in continuity of patient care throughout his office.

Improvements with simplified preparation of school forms, physicals, immunization charting, ordering of lab work, billing and physician coding with easy to use templates, and communication between staff members via a real- time internal messaging system have all improved patient care at Pediatric Wizards.

“I can now say with great confidence that my office is running as efficiently and effectively as we could have ever imagined,” said Helft.

“Within a few months, I was not only able to see considerable improvements in patient care but also a significant increase in work flow,” said Helft.

Priyanka feels fortunate to work with such a great and cooperative physician in Helft.

“His office staff were very willing to learn our electronic medical records system which is the key to success when converting to EMR,” said Priyanka.

“In the last year, we are proud to say that we have developed DoctorsPartner into one of the most outstanding EMR solutions for pediatricians.” said Priyanka.

“We are looking forward to helping many more physicians to install electronic medical records through DoctorsPartner in the near future.”

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