MyMedWall Announces Advisory Board

By  //  October 5, 2012

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BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA —  Just four months after a successful launch, – likened to a “medical facebook” – has attracted a community advisory board of experts from all disciplines of medicine on the Space Coast.

MyMedWall is a complete medical “home” for patients, allowing them and their providers to combine social networking with the exchange of vital healthcare information.

MyMedWall, Sushoo and DoctorsPartner co-founders Naveen Venkatachalam and Dr. Geetha Priyanka.

“My motivation is connection and education and empowerment for the benefit of all patients,” said Dr. Priyanka from her offices on South Wickham Road in West Melbourne.

“This allows the patients to possess their own health records.  Power to the Patient is my mantra. This isn’t about commercialization, I want patients to know as much as they can about what’s out there for them.

“They’re largely existing in the dark about their conditions and problems and concerns. MyMedWall can help open their eyes and connect to a whole new world of information available out there.”

Primary Care Physician 

Dr. Priyanka has been practicing as a primary care physician for 14 years. She came to Florida from her native Madras in India in 1995 as an anaesthetist before switching to general medicine.

Despite the general excellence of health care in the U.S. – “better than anywhere else in the world,” she says – Dr. Priyanka has observed how fragmented the system is and so has set about trying to bring in improvements with MyMedWall.

Her husband Naveen Venkatachalam is a computer systems development expert who’s helped create and build MyMedWall.

Ready for Healthcare Entities

MyMedWall is now fully functional and ready for use by all healthcare entities including students in health industry.  Even though it has enabled communication among health entities within the community, the primary focus is to allow patients the opportunity to take charge of their health and focus on prevention and wellness.

Offered Free To Public 

There is no charge for the public to register or to use the My MedWall system.  It was created by Priyanka and Venkatachalam as a way for the inventors of Sushoo Health Information Exchange and DoctorsPartner Electronic medical records software to give back to the community.

Community Advisory Board

MyMedWall is proud to announce that the following Community Advisory Board members are now contributing input, articles and their considerable expertise towards MyMedWall:

• Dr. Ananthi Ratinam  Pediatric Neurologist
• Dr. Anita Saluja – Dermatologist
• Dr. Bhuveneswari Dandapani  Neurologist
Dr. Boris Havkin  Urologist
• Dr. Chris Edwards  Dentist
• Dr. David Helft Pediatrician
• Dr. Gonzalo Valdivia  Orthopedic Surgeon
• Dr. Lance Grenevicki  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
• Dr. Nikita Dhruv  Endocrinologist
• Dr. Parwati Maddali  Psychiatrist
• Dr. Prakash Reddy  Pulmonologist
• Dr. Regine Pappas  Opthalmologist
• Dr. Rick Ramnath  Radiologist
• Dr. Stacy Davis  Rheumatology
• Don Spalding  Assisted living operational expert
• Victoria Harwood, L.C.S.W.  Psychologist
• Jamie Wheeler, RN  Skilled nursing expert
• Virginia Wood  Assisted living regulatory expert

Schools, Universities Benefit From MyMedWall

MyMedWall is now available to serve as a communication tool for students, faculty and administrators to serve as a guide through the healthcare system. With its profile page, students can now update their information in real time. As MyMedWall is completely HIPPA compliant and encrypted, it allows users to post lessons, video and PDF links.

“We are sending an open invitation to all schools to offer this opportunity for their students at no charge,” said Dr. Priyanka.

Everest University, located on the shores of the Indian River in Brevard County, Florida will encourage its students to create their profile pages and become engaged in opening up to employment and communication.

Support Groups Benefit from MyMedWall

Any support group can register and become a member of MyMedWall at no charge, allowing its members to connect with each other. For patients in a support group, it will allow them to not only connect to their own support group members but also to other groups 24/7, also allowing them to store their health records electronically in a highly secure location.

Any support group in Brevard can become a member and support their clients at no charge.

“Our focus is to help these sectors of people locate all the resources that are available to them in the community and help them to have access at the touch of a keyboard,” said Dr. Priyanka.

“We urge people to take advantage of this free service as we believe that it will help them improve their health and ultimately their quality of life.”

For example, Brevard PALS – a Brevard County, Florida autism support group is becoming a member in MyMedWall enabling all their members and families to connect with each other and to other members, in a well secured private portal without the dilemma of everyone in the social network seeing their shared information.

Another significant local support group joining MyMedWall is Breast Friends of Brevard

MyMedWall helps assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, homehealth and other ancillaries

Experts in aging and other important fields will be contributing monthly articles to MyMedWall to help assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and home health services to keep up with current information and findings.

MyMedWall allows any authorized person on the staff of a facility to create their profile page. This allows them to connect to fellow directors of nursing, marketing personnel, nurses, executive directors etc. to be able to connect with each other and build an online community.

The facilities profile page can also be a great marketing tool as it enables seniors and families to access information prior to their visit. This also can be a useful way for relatives to communicate with the seniors within the community to overcome loneliness.

Memberships are also being offered to local hospitals and Health plans to join and create profile pages that enable the population to learn more about them as well as stay connected and receive updates on any changes that are made .

Health providers are listed under the full range of health services and a key feature is for patients to be directed to physicians’ offices as a basic starting point when they connect with providers. Patients enter their complete medical history from basic problems and conditions to their immunisation records.

“The key to MyMedWall – what will make it work at its best – is patient volume,” said Dr. Priyanka.

“The more people join, the greater the exchange of information and the greater the interaction for the common good of all the users.”

Clinical Continuity Document

The Clinical Continuity Document (CCD) will be produced with MyMedWall as a uniform portable source of information so patients can pass this on to providers where ever they are – whether moving home, travelling on business or on vacation or whether switching to new physicians.

The CCD will will help the interface between patients and providers – and can be printed off as a document and carried around on flash drives.

Dr. Priyanka

“The e-sharing of documents and fast-tracking of health information is a fundamental principle of MyMedWall,” said Dr. Priyanka.

“Patients will grant physicians permission to access their records and will invite other patients to share their experiences, problems and concerns. This will make the whole health world revolve in a far more efficient way – to the total benefit of patients.

“There are around 50 to 60 personal health record systems currently available. For example, Microsoft has Health World. But what makes MyMedWall outstanding is the high level of social interaction that is available through my system. There will be better choice for patients through better connection and education.”

Health Chat Online

“There’s also the ability to chat online which is a big part of MyMedWall’s social interaction – but we want the focus to be on health matters, rather than social networking,” said Dr. Priyanka.

Her vision is to build one of the leading and most innovative personal health record systems in the U.S.

“MyMedWall is sophisticated with the emphasis totally on medical matters. That is the logic I have.”

There will be advertising for health providers and equipment specialists when sufficient volume is attained, but this will not be commercialisation for the sake of it. For example, McDonald’s and Subway may be allowed to come on board, but only to showcase health specials on their menus.

Non-healthcare providers may also use the system to stay connected.

“The MyMedWall system is fully tested, is robust, secured and tangible,” said Dr. Priyanka.

“We currently have 18 advisory board members and we will add 12 more in the next six months. We will also add five patient advisory board members in the next month. We recently went live with a Georgia based health plan with over 15,000 people .

Our goal is to add another 400,000 DoctorsPartner and Sushoo contacts with the next year.

Our ultimate goal is establish this state of the art community based tool with a 360 degree view of healthcare and help 2 million users over the next 15 months.”

Social Networking 

Using the ever popular social networking concept, MyMedWall actively engages users to connect with and share health data with their medical service providers, participate in affinity and support groups and review educational medical information specific to their health needs.

Unlike the traditional approach to Personal Health Records, MyMedWall encourages the patient to get engaged in the management of their personal health, as well as to utilize the system as a primary source of healthcare educational information.

“For physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers, MyMedWall serves as a community-focused online link that creates a valuable network for their patients and an excellent resource tool to market and brand themselves among other providers and healthcare consumers,” aid Dr. Priyanka.

Another health-minded initiative that will be put forth is a “Smoke Free Brevard” campaign which will encourage people to stop smoking and will challenge all Brevard agencies to join.


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