Help Peter K Fill Out His Heisman Trophy Ballot

By  //  December 1, 2012

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Here is your opportunity to weigh in on the Heisman Trophy. Our Peter Kerasotis is a Heisman voter and he’s taking your input. Who do you think should win college football’s most coveted award this year?


Peter K’s Heisman Trophy ballot is due Monday. So post a comment below on who you think should win the award. Peter has to list his top three candidates, but you’re not constrained to that. List three, list five or maybe just the one whom you think should win. State your case, too, if you like. There are no rules.

Need some help. Here are the top candidates:

Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

Manti Te’o, LB, Notre Dame

Collin Klein, QB, Kansas State

Braxton Miller, QB, Ohio State

Marqise Lee, WR, USC

Kenjon Barner, RB, Oregon

Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia

Check back next Monday on to see how Peter K voted.


  1. Hey Peter,

    Time for a line backer to win Heisman–Monti Te’o, all american hs & college linebacker, punahou graduate should be your choice. Excelling in the sport while overcoming losses of grandmother & girlfriend (leukemia) within a day is significant! Additionally, Monti should win ESPN’s humitarian award hands down.

  2. Gotta go with Johnny Football! He passed for over 3,400 yards and 24 TDs and rushed for close to 1,200 yards with 19 TDs. This was done against SEC defenses to boot!

  3. No brainer, Peter. Johnny Manziel. Though a red-shirt freshman, he led his team, in it’s first season ever in the toughest league in collge footbal (SEC) to 10 wins!!!!!!!!!!

    Manziel plays the most difficult position to play in all of sport… or NFL quarterback. And he played it like a 5th year senior, not a freshman. Tebow broke down the sophomore jinx winning in the Hiesman in 2007….it’s time for “Johnny Football” to break down the freshman barrier in 2012. He’s earned it.

    HE’S THE BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER IN AMERICA, FOR 2012. And that’s what the award is supposed to be only related to.

    Te’o???? Heck, this past weekend vs. USC it wasn’t even until the 3rd quarter that an announcer mentined his name during the game!!!!! He was nowhere to be found, he couldn’t even make his presence known. His stats are good (7 int’s and 100+ tackles) but he has no TD’s…not a Woodson type who was a spectacular 2-way player, played great Defense, made tackles, intercepted balls and returned punts and kickoffs for TD’s.

    And Te’o’s team did not win 12 games only because of him. You take him off the field and ND still wins 10-11 games with that joke schedule, maybe all 12. You take Manziel off the field and Texas A/M wins maybe 3 games.

    Te’o’s personal issues off the fild should have no bearing on his votes. EVERY athlete has personal/off-field issues that they have to deal with during a season….my heart goes out to Te’o….but not my vote.

    Te’o is no Marvin Jones (FSU, 1992), Tommy Nobis (Texas, 1963-65), or Lawrence Taylor (N.C., 1977-80)….and those guys didn’t win it either. If they can’t, he shouldn’t be allowed.

  4. I has to be Manti Te’o – You are looking at the next Ray Lewis of the NFL. He will be the #1 or #2 pick in the first round this year. If he wasn’t making INT’s (7 on the season so far) we was making critical plays by blitzing, tackling, and/or sacking opposing QB’s all game long. He is all over the field. This season he has 46 solos, 55 assists for a total of 101 tackles, 2 sacks, and 7 INT’s as mentioned earlier. He is a leader on the field and has been for his career at ND. No doubts Te’o will win the Butkus Award as well as the Nagurski – but he is a finalist for the Maxwell, Bednarik, Lombardi, and the Walter Camp trophies as well. Besides the grid iron stats, story after story about Manti Te’o has been published about the quality of his character – he is a nasty football player with a giant heart who has dealt with tragedy after tragedy. (Some examples of what I mean read: and )

  5. Johnny Football: He led his team to a great year in the toughest conference. His stats and his poise put him among the top college players. I’m only glad we played him the first game. If he were an upperclassman, there wouldn’t even be this discussion.

  6. Character counts…while Manziel’s accomplishments on the field are impressive, Monti Te’o is my favorite. Peter, you must be so happy to have your vote back this year!

  7. Peter,
    This is very cool that you are asking for inputs and I am going with Manti Te’o because of what he stands for. He is a hard working, decent, and classy no nonsense guy who not only makes the “standard” plays but also comes up with critical big plays when they are most needed. The resurgence of Notre Dame is good for college football, they are ranked #1, and they have done so because of their defense for the most part. Manzeil is amazing but he is a freshman (red shirt) and his day will come – the leadership aspect of Te’o is the difference maker for me.
    My dad and I wish for you and your wife a wonderful and joyful Christmas holiday!!

    Paul Lewis

  8. My vote goes to Monti Te’o. This is finally the year to give it to a defensive player. I know Manziel has had a great year, but he is only a FRESHMAN and there has NEVER been a freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. There are tons of Gaytor fans in this area and they will be rooting for Manziel only because he is in the SEC conference. If his team was still in the Big 12 they wouldn’t know who the guy was.

  9. As much as I dislike Alabama, their coach, and especially their fans, I have to go with A. J. McCarron. Did you watch their LSU game or the Texas A&M game? I don’t think there is another player in the country who could have done what McCarron did in those games, and especially at the end. Sure, he fell short against Texas A&M, but consider the god-awful hole he led them out of and gave them a chace to win.

  10. I haven’t followed the top candidates closely, so I can only make a semi-educated guess. Manziel has a lot of pizazz and is a red shirt. So that makes him similar to what a true freshman is to a sopomore, I think. So awarding the Heisman to a him (a freshman), should not be a consideration. To me, he’s the top candidate and he might become the first double winner.

  11. Has to be Johnny “Football” Manziel {Texas AM}. Freshman are eligible to play and should be eligible to win ALL Awards available. Hershal Walker from Georgia should have won but voters would not seriously consider Freshmen. My second choice would be Collin Klein {K-State} and third would be Kenjon Barner {OR.}.

  12. I think Manti T’eo would be a good pick.
    Second a tie between Braxton Miller and ” Johnny Football”

    I do pick N.D. to with the National Championship. I wish they were playing my Ohio State Buckeyes though. I would love to see those two play.

  13. Manti may be the MVP, but Heisman is not an MVP award, it is most outstanding. Mango is not the most outstanding defensive player this year, therefore can’t be the most outstanding overall.

    1 Manziel – stats + eye test + competition level
    2 Marquis Lee – stats + eye test + competition level
    3 Klein – better competition than B Miller’s lowly Big 10

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