Challenger 7 Students Create Ancient Egyptian Tomb

By  //  March 8, 2013

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Lesson Offers Glimpse Of Bygone Civilization

Sixth graders from Challenger 7 Elementary School wear Egyptian costumes as part of a special lesson about the ancient civilization. (Image courtesy of Brevard Public Schools)

BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA, FLORIDA – The legend of the people of ancient Egypt has survived for thousands of years.

Students in Brent Poole’s sixth-grade class offer guided tours of an ancient Egyptian tomb they constructed in the Challenger 7 Elementary School library. (Image courtesy of Brevard Public Schools)

Egypt is one of the greatest civilizations of the past and its monuments and tombs stand intact today, about 4,000 years after they were first built.

Centuries later, teacher Brent Poole’s sixth-grade students from Challenger 7 Elementary School in Cocoa have created an Egyptian tomb adorned with hieroglyphics and artifacts while studying the civilization and culture of ancient Egypt.

Students fashioned costumes and gave tours.

Guides escorted students through the tomb, discussed the significance of the various relics and detailed their research on the pyramids.

While waiting to be escorted through the tomb, students worked with sixth graders in writing their names in hieroglyphics.

“It was really a blast,” said sixth-grader Cassidy Hildebrandt. “We all enjoyed it.”

The special Egyptian lesson was prepared under the direction of Poole, the school’s librarian Chris Scauzillo, and Pam Vanheiningen, art teacher.

As part of the activity, students created and presented life in ancient Egypt by building an Egyptian tomb of the pharaoh’s burial chamber in the school’s library, offering tours to all the students and faculty of Challenger 7.

The students created ancient Egyptian artifacts, made Egyptian costumes and dioramas of Egyptian life.

They began the project by researching in the classroom and during their time in library different aspects of ancient Egyptian life including, daily life, mummification and writing.

In art class they created Egyptian wall paintings.

Students presented what they learned by taking students and faculty through the tomb while the rest of the sixth graders taught all the other students how to write their name and a sentence using hieroglyphics.


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