Corry Westbrook Announces Candidacy For Congress

By  //  May 3, 2013

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Advocates Balanced Budget

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Corry Westbrook has announced her candidacy for U.S. Representative for Florida’s 8th Congressional District.

Corry Westbrook has announced her intention to challenge Bill Posey for the seat in Congress representing Brevard County. (Image courtesy of Corry Westbrook)

Westbrook has pledged to proudly serve all the people of the 8th District, regardless of party affiliation.

She said she will do this by creating jobs while protecting Florida’s most important economic driver, the environment.

Westbrook said she will fight for a balanced budget by eliminating government waste and closing tax loopholes while protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

She says she’ll work to protect women’s rights, ensuring that women’s concerns are no longer second-class issues in Congress.

Westbrook also will advocate for increased transparency on Capitol Hill to stop special interests from buying politicians and votes at the expense of American citizens.

“I am running for Congress because Floridians deserve a representative who cares about solutions, not rhetoric, and will put the needs of hard working families and small businesses ahead of special interests,” Westbrook said. “I will bring common sense solutions to Congress and work to stop the gridlock. Together – we can do it.”

She formerly served as legislative director for the National Wildlife Federation.

Florida’s 8th Congressional District includes all of Brevard County, as well as all of Indian River County and parts of Orange County.

Bill Posey of Rockledge currently represents the 8th Congressional District.

To learn more about Corry Westbrook visit go to


  1. If this is an accurate profile of Cory Westbrook as a viable candidate for the House seat in the 8th Congressional District, for the sake of the citizens of Brevard and the nation, let’s just hope that Bill Posey puts aside his consideration to step down. Talk about empty rhetoric, every one of her “talking points” are taken directly from the Obama Manifesto of 2008. Tell us what this individual has ever done to prepare herself to become a legislator. She’s going to create jobs, but in the same sentence and breath you’re talking about protecting the environment. So what in her background has she ever done in the private sector/small business world to understand what it takes to create a job? Not likely that a term as the legislative director of the National Wildlife Federation has prepared her for the “common sense” necessary to deal objectively with the real issues that impact us and our children: crippling debt and deficits, devastating governmental limitations on developing and harvesting our domestic energy resources, a spiraling down of individual income, increasing ranks of “entitled” Americans, and loss of respect and influence in the world. Dems and Libs, you better bring on some heavier artillery than Cory to ever have a chance to recapture the 8th CD.

    • On the day that Corry “Fraudster” Westbrook announced her candidacy she was a legal resident of Washington, D. C. Here interest in the Congressional District 8 occurred immediately after she had fraudulently obtaned a Florida Voter Registration Card by illegally using her parents’ Vero Beach address. Since was then and still is today a legal resident of Washington, D, C, she deliberately violated Florida law. This is why she has been under investigation for over six months by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. She is now facing severe criminal and civil penalties for her pattern of fraud.

  2. I actually had the pleasure of being co-workers with Corry and can attest that this snapshot/press release of Corry certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. I was excited to see the news that she is running.

    If Corry is given a chance to introduce herself to 8th District voters they will see that she is a thoughtful, smart and hard working person who would serve all of her constituents well. While strong willed she is open minded and embodies the right mixture of representative, statesman, advocate and educator.

    It is great to see someone of Corry’s character and experience making the tough decision to run. I wish her the best of luck and hope all 8th district voters will take the chance to meet her. I bet you’ll be impressed!

    • Kristen Berry has described a person who does not exist. The Corry “Fraudster” Westbrook who is seeking to be elected to the Congress failed to do any of the initial research into the requirements to be regarded as a viable candidate. Then she deliberately violated Florida law by fraudulently obtaining a Florida Voter Registration card by illegally using her parent’s Vero Beach address. At the time that this occurred she was than and still is today a legal residnt of Washington, D. C. Thus, she violated all ethical considerations as well as showed herself to hold Democrat Party values in disdain.

      The fraud of early 2013 set in place a pattern of fraud such that there are now five separate agencies that are investigating her illegal activies. Thus, she is facing severe criminal and civil penalties for multiple violations of law.

  3. How can you write an entire article about a person running for Congress and not include their political party/affiliation?

    From this snapshot, it sounds like she’ll be much better than Poser Posey.

  4. Additional background information would be helpful. AS a left-leaning Democrat I am certainly interested in Ms. Westbrook’s candidacy, but I don’t buy a pig-in-a-poke even if it does wear blue. More substantive information would add to the likelihood that Ms. Westbrook would garner my vote, and more.

  5. The brief summary does not identify the fact that she has been a job hopper since graduating from college. Nor does it indicate that she is a part-time candidate since she lives and works in the D. C. area.

  6. Anyone would be better than Bill “Birther” Posey. Too bad she is not a Florida resident.

  7. Having met, heard and talked to this amazing young woman, am convinced that she is just what we need to get some positive action from Congress.

  8. Corry Westbrook is under investigationn for voter fraud by the Federal Elections Commission and the Florida Secetary of State/Division of Elections because she fraudulently obtained a Florida voter registration card. She has a husband, job and home in Washington, D. C. and has not lived in Florida in over 12 years.

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