Enjoy Your Favorite Brew With the ‘Big Game’

By  //  February 2, 2014

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ABOVE VIDEO: This is a Budweiser.com Super Bowl XLVIII video called “Best Buds,” which follows the special friendship between the Clydesdales and a puppy, and has gone viral online well before the kick-off of the annual NFL gridiron classic.

Super Bowl beer marketing has become legendary over the course of the 48 year-old event.
Super Bowl beer marketing has become legendary over the course of the 48 year-old event.

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and is the third-most popular drink overall, after water and tea. The Beer Institute reports that Americans consume on average over 28 gallons per person annually, ranking 13th in the world.

According to the Nielsen Company, 51.7 million cases of beer will be sold to fans on Super Bowl Sunday.

shutterstock_60174715“We see the lowest amount of beer sales during the first quarter of the year leading up to a peak in the summer,” said Nick Lake, vice president, group client director, Beverage Alcohol at Nielsen in a press statement.

“However, the Super Bowl continues to be a bigger and bigger event where consumers drink billions of servings of beer at home. Beer marketers are taking advantage of that opportunity to drive sales during what is typically a slower period for beer purchases.”

The Anheuser Busch Super Bowl commercials have become an indispensable and much loved aspect of the event.

The big game also comes at that crucial time, approximately 5 weeks after New Year’s Day, when our overall dedication to those New Year’s resolutions starts to wane.

If cutting back on your suds consumption to shrink that waist line is part of your 2014 self-improvement plan, but your favorite beer is an important element of your Super Bowl fare, you need to get the “caloric” facts about different types of brews.

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