After Tampa’s Loss, Who Takes the Super Bowl?

By  //  January 23, 2023

The Buffalo Bills came out on top against the Miami Dolphins but they kind of made a meal of it winning 34-31.
Source: Oregon Live

This weekend saw the Wild Card round of the playoffs and with that many teams had their postseason runs come to an abrupt end.

One of those teams was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who put up a pretty poor performance to lose 31-14 at home to the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Brady won’t have been too pleased with that one, will he? With that, we enter the Divisional Rounds!

The Divisional round will see four games played. The Jacksonville Jaguars at the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cincinnati Bengals at the Buffalo Bills, the New York Giants at the Philadelphia Eagles, and finally the Dallas Cowboys at the San Francisco 49ers. Of the 8 teams remaining, who really has the best chance of going all the way to the Super Bowl and lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy?

That is what we’re here to discuss today! Starting with the name on everyone’s lips, the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have been one of the favorites to go all the way since before the season even started and even though they haven’t been flawless this season, showing signs of weakness here and there, they always manage to bounce back and pull out the results when it matters.

They had a pretty favorable game in the Wild Card round but somehow struggled against the team ranked least favorite to win the Super Bowl, the Miami Dolphins.

They play the Cincinnati Bengals next at the Bills Stadium. This could be a tough game given the Bengals have been on a bit of a tear, they beat the Ravens in their Wild Card game, and this win means they’re currently on a 9-game win streak. The Bills have what it takes to stop the charging Bengals, but will they do it?

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the regular season with the joint-best record in the NFL. While many experts have still held the Bills in their minds as the favorites, the Eagles have absolutely staked a claim for that spot over this season, finishing 14-3, honors shared with the Kansas City Chiefs.

But for me, the fact the Eagles kind of tapered off toward the end of the season holds them in really good stead for this playoff run. They afforded themselves the luxury of taking their foot off the gas for a bit during the closing weeks of the season, starting off with a solid 8 game-winning streak. Not only that but the Eagles also had last weekend off for more rest and training.

Their first game of the playoffs is against the New York Giants who haven’t been particularly great this season, realistically, they should be looking at the Conference final which will likely be against the San Francisco 49ers.

Now we’ve spoken about a couple of the teams we think could take the Super Bowl, it’s time to take a look at the upcoming fixtures we mentioned earlier and what kind of odds you will be looking to get on these games if you’re looking to stake on the playoffs! Starting with the Bengals at the Bills, the Bills go into this one as favorites, meaning you’re looking at a $7.08 return from a $5 stake with odds of -240, the Bengals come in at +200 which returns $15 from $5.

Next up is the Jaguars at the Chiefs, the Chiefs are heavy favorites here coming in at -450, returning $6.11 from a $5 stake. The Jaguars, however, if you’re feeling they could upset the Chiefs parade, are +350, meaning a $22.50 return from a $5 stake.

While looking around for the best odds for betting on Super Bowl LVII, we found that in our next game, the Giants at the Eagles. Again, understandably given their performances in the regular season, the Eagles are heavy favorites at around -360, returning $6.38 from a $5 stake while the Giants who travel and haven’t been as good is +280, returning $19 from $5, finally the Cowboys at the 49ers.

In my opinion, the 49ers are rightly favorites here, but this one is a lot closer. The 49ers come in at -185 returning $7.70 from $5, while the Cowboys, who have a fair chance here, are +165 returning $13.25 from $5.

Naturally, it’s time for a roundup of the favorites now, and the top 3 kinds speak for themselves here really. Maybe it’s their Super Bowl pedigree that puts them in the top spot but the Kansas City Chiefs start us off here at +300 to go all the way, returning $20 from a $5 stake.

Next up are the Bills in second place, they return $21.25 with their odds of +325, and following the Bills are the San Francisco 49ers who round out the top 3 with their odds of +450, returning $27.50 from $5.

Just as a point of reference, the team with the lowest odds is the Jacksonville Jaguars who come in at +3300 which would see a return of $170 from $5. Stranger things have happened I guess?

The Cowboys put in an impressive performance against Brady and the Bucs, winning 30-14 in Tampa. Source: Cowboy Wire

Dallas Cowboys

This one might catch some of you off guard here, but bare with me. The Cowboys have been very good this season and sure they may not have been quite as good as some of the other teams, like the Eagles, 49ers or the Bills, but they have been up amongst it all.

They have been holding quite tight at the back and are making their 12-5 regular season record look better than it makes them out to be.

Not only that, they could be seeing Neville Gallimore returning from injury to put his mark on this postseason, given he has been kind of plagued with injury for most of this season. Gallimore has been a big miss at times for the Cowboys but, given the opportunity, we’re sure he will bring a huge presence to the defense of this Cowboys lineup.

So football fans, what do we think? Which team is winning each Conference? Which teams will be making it to the Super Bowl and who is lifting the trophy? For me? The Super Bowl is going to be the Bills Vs. the Cowboys with the Bills going all the way and lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy.

It’s pretty cliché at this point to put the Bills in the Super Bowl game given they have been up amongst the favorites to win it all since before the season even started.

It’s crazy to think we’re just three game weekends away from the end of the season, it all comes to a close on Sunday 12th February with Super Bowl LVII which is being held at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona, home of the Cardinals. Three weeks to go then we get the mayhem of the off-season, players being traded, contracts being ended, coaches coming and going. The wacky races are truly almost here.

Until then, I’ll be sitting with my feet up, with a beverage in hand, enjoying the rest of the playoffs as a neutral.