Family Injured In Toy Run Motorcycle Crash Needs Your Help

By  //  December 8, 2014

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family members in critical condition

Two-year old Kadence Donna was airlifted to Arnold Palmer in Orlando after suffering a broken jaw and severe cuts and bruises in an incident Sunday during the ABATE Toy Run. (Image for

My brother’s name is Andy Donna, his wife’s name is Breana Donna and my 2-year old niece is Kadence Donna.

My family is facing the worst nightmare possible right now. Last week Breana’s grandmother passed away and that alone brought sadness and pain to our family.

On Sunday afternoon, Breana, her mother Tammy, and Kadence were watching the ABATE Toy Run motorcycle parade and a motorcycle lost control and hit all three of them.

Kadence was airlifted to Arnold Palmer in Orlando, Breana was airlifted to Holmes Regional in Melbourne and Tammy was taken to Wuesthoff in Rockledge.

Kadence is going to be ok, but has a broken jaw and some severe cuts and bruises. Tammy has a broken leg and cuts and bruises as well.

But my sister in law Breana is still in extremely critical condition and my family is here at the hospital receiving worse and worse news from the doctors as the night progresses.

I am asking for any positive thoughts, support and hope that Breana will make it through this and that my brother will be ok.

That girl is the complete love of his life and she has made my brother into a good hard working father devoted to his family.

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Three Spectators Injured In Toy Run Motorcycle Crash

Breana and my family need any support possible to get through this. I’ve never been good dealing with these types of situations so I have been trying to radiate positivity into the room and into all affected from this and I would love some help to try to make everything work out.

Even by simply sharing our story you can make a difference.


Thank you for all for your support and prayers.

– Joshua Donna

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