Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Getting a Massage

By  //  February 25, 2020

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There is a plethora of reasons why you would consider getting a massage. While there are people who seek a massage therapist out for medical reasons, others go for non-medical reasons.

There is a plethora of reasons why you would consider getting a massage. While there are people who seek a massage therapist out for medical reasons, others go for non-medical reasons.

In fact, massage sessions are the best gift ideas for your loved ones. 

The jury is still out on how many massage sessions anyone can get. However, your doctor or masseuse may be the person to recommend:

• The duration between sessions

• The frequency

This is because they are professionals and since you have consulted them regularly, they understand your needs. Injury-related massages may be scheduled more often than relaxation-related ones. 

Scheduling Your Massage Sessions

Sometimes you wake up and decide on the spur of the moment to book a massage session. This could be because you are in need of some pampering or you felt a pain in the neck. There are some mistakes people make with regard to making their massaging appointments. 

In order to get the best out of your massage sessions, avoid the following common errors.

  • Choosing Your Massage without Knowing the Basics

What do you expect your massage session to do for you? This is an essential question many people fail to consider. You must have an idea of the outcome you expect from your session. For instance, if you are going because you are in pain, you expect some relief from that. 

Hence, you may opt for a hot stone massage or a deep tissue one. 

A hot stone massage provides heat to your muscles which helps to treat muscle injuries. It relaxes your muscles and boosts blood flow to the injured area. Hot stone massage provides heat to the body’s muscles. The outcome is reduced stiffness in the body making you enjoy some level of comfort.

A deep tissue one reaches down into the layers of muscle right to the connecting tissues. The massage therapist aims to relieve knots in your muscles to relieve soreness. 

If you are not in pain, you could opt for the Swedish massage which helps to fully relax the muscles. 

  • Not Checking the Massage Therapist’s Background

Massage therapists do not receive uniform training and their standards differ from one individual to the other. A few of the factors you need to check out include the following:

• Experience

• Hygiene standards

• Knowledge

• Palpation skills

• Therapeutic boundaries

A simple search on the internet can get you into a site such as You will find all the information you need. It is always very important to have basic knowledge in the massage industry that you understand what your therapist is going to say. 

You can also ask pertinent questions to determine their level of knowledge as well as their reliability. A good massage therapy facility displays the following features:

• A great hygiene procedure

• Excellent standards of practice

• A credible recruitment process

You want assurance that the therapists are well trained and that you will feel safe during your treatment. 

  • You Only Need One Session

Massage therapy does not work like that. Many people assume that one visit is enough to address the issues that took them there. You may feel that if the pain is not all gone after one session, then the massage therapist did it wrong. 

However, the truth is you will need to make regular visits in order to enjoy the full effect of your treatment. In addition, you may need to make some lifestyle adjustments in order to:

• Manage your pain better

• Handle environmental factors that may cause your pain

• Improve your body’s healing chances

A single session will not help especially in dealing with an injury. The body takes time to heal. Massage therapy for active people, especially those that work out, also takes time. The muscles may need to be conditioned in order to work better. 

  • Failure to Relax

Massage works effectively if you are able to relax and let the masseuse do their work. Unfortunately, there are people who take the session as a chance to test the therapist’s skills. They may complain that the pressure is not enough or give directions every step of the way. 

While you are on that table, stay calm and go to your happy place. You can also try to concentrate on the part that is being massaged. This helps to boost a neurological route that leads to your brain and helps the massage effects to last longer. 

  • Do a ‘Quickie” Massage

You may feel like you must schedule a short massage session because of the immediate discomfort you feel. Unfortunately, such short treatments have very little to offer you. There is no time to integrate the muscles involved or allow your mind to wind down in order to relax. 

Any experienced massage therapist will give you a 60-minute session to reap the greatest benefits. Do not schedule an appointment when you barely have the time to spare. You will not be able to relax. 


Your need for a massage session will be informed by your needs. Whether you need it for medical-related reasons or to ease some tension, you need to determine the kind of massage you need.

The best approach is to consult with your massage therapist or health provider to figure it out.