Importance of Hygiene

By  //  March 25, 2020

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The importance of hygiene means the importance of cleanliness. It is very important to be clean and keep your surroundings clean because hygiene practice is related to our health and our health comes first.

When we talk about health first thing that comes in our mind is “hygiene” most of the health issues occur when we don’t care about hygiene or when we don’t take hygienic food. 

Hygiene plays an important role in our daily life. There are so many activities or practices which keep us clean and healthy is called Hygiene.

Good hygiene can maintain our health and protect from different diseases which may cause by unhygienic food or germ-infested activities. 

Keeping our self and our surrounding clean prevent us from viruses and bacterial infection. When we wash our hands regularly it means we stop spreading germs.

If we understand how much hygiene is impotent so we can easily have better health. Many of us don’t practice good hygiene so there are several emotional and mental issues develop which you can read at the site. These issues are called psychotic issues or some health disorder for example Dementia is a common example of poor hygiene.

There are many issues that we can solve by adopting good Hygiene practice. Our kids can learn and adopt good habits when they see their elders doing these kinds of activities which give the lesson of cleanliness and purity. 

Hygiene is important for your skin and hair as we know our air is polluted due to many reasons and this air can dull our skin glow and shine of our hairs become dull if we go out on daily basis so it is necessary for our body to keep clean and practice hygienic activities by washing hands, taking bath, cut your nails, keep your hairs clean.

After your body hygiene, your food hygiene comes it means food hygiene is also very important for our health.Food should be fresh and homemade if you are ordering food must see the expiry of food and also sure that food is safe from becoming contaminated and poisoning.

Our first demand should be working and living in germs free environment. You can understand the importance like that when you are healthy you perform healthily, you behave healthily.

You can achieve your goals and targets. Healthy person can show his/her confidence and compete with the situation. A healthy body and healthy mind deal with the situation efficiently as compared toa weak person or an unhealthy person.

Many of us are unhealthy due to unhealthy ways of living, lack of hygiene practices and unhygienic food is the main source of our poor health.

To keep our health good and maintain we should follow the instruction regarding Hygiene practice and apply these activities in our daily routine to make it our habit.

After understanding the importance of hygiene we can aware of the people around us about the importance of Hygiene.

To be safe and stay healthy practice the following points which can help you to adopt good hygiene:

  • Wash your hands 
  • Take bath daily 
  • Brush your teeth twice a day 
  • Hang your clothes in sunshine
  • Cut your nails
  • Use dustbin for trash 

Keep you clean and your surrounding germs free make you feel healthy and energetic. Realize the importance of hygiene and live happy with a healthy mind.