‘EXECUTIVE PROFILES’ With Matt Reed: Movie Maker Jim Lewis Releases ‘Confessions of a Producer’

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SPACE COAST DAILY TV: Space Coast Daily Special Correspondent Matt Reed sits down with film director and producer Jim Lewis about some of his latest projects, including his 2020 movie ‘Confessions of a Producer,’ starring Clare Grant and Steve Barrett in a “desperate romantic comedy” filmed in Brevard County.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Have you ever dreamed about making or even starring in your own independent movie? Or, perhaps you need a great video of your invention or service to help sales.

Jim Lewis and his company, Communications Concepts Inc. of Cape Canaveral have done it all in Brevard County – including recently releasing Lewis’ own indie film, “Confessions of a Producer,” which is now streaming on Amazon and other services.

In an interview for Space Coast Daily TV, Lewis explained how his company has evolved in a world of iPhones and Facebook Live. He also discussed his movie and how CCI can help aspiring filmmakers.

Q–MATT REED: You were the first company to livestream a rocket launch on the Internet. Tell us about that.

A–JIM LEWIS: When the Internet was kind of cranking up, one of our aerospace clients said, hey, could you livestream this launch? Is that possible?

At that time there wasn’t a Facebook Live or YouTube Live. So, we found a distribution network called Broadcast.com, which was run by a guy named Mark Cuban.

It was an Atlas launch, and we had 7,000 users or something and were just thrilled. I think it was 1988.
Aerospace companies have really been our niche, being the closest facility to Kennedy Space Center. At some point, we maybe did more rocket-launch broadcasts than any other company in the world.

Then, when you meet the aerospace companies, you find that they have other needs. So we’ve been able to produce product videos and trade show videos for the aerospace companies.

Q–MATT REED: Today, anyone with an iPhone can shoot a video for TikTok or Facebook Live. How has CCI stayed relevant and valuable to clients over time?

A–JIM LEWIS: The difference with us is, we really look at the content and how things go together. The storytelling. I think we make much more compelling, engaging content.

Second, we have really high-end equipment. It allows us to bring in maybe six remote video participants from anywhere in the world, with the control room in Cape Canaveral. It’s true HD quality for the streaming.

Q–MATT REED: You recently produced your own passion project, “Confessions of a Producers.” What is it about?

A–JIM LEWIS: Yeah – writer, director, producer. Did it all right here in Brevard County.
It’s about a Hollywood producer that is not a very nice person. A gypsy puts a curse on him and he learns over time that to get rid of this curse, he has to convince the person that likes him the least, to like him.

So he remembers this Hollywood critic has never written anything good about any of his movies or anything about him. So he calls her and offers her a tell-all confession. Meanwhile, this curse accelerates, so he’s locked himself away in the Brevard County jail.

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Q–MATT REED: What does your project demonstrate to others in Brevard County who might want to make their own film someday?

A–JIM LEWIS: One, that you can do it if you put your mind to it.
Two, if you go on Netflix to its “partners area,” you’ll see that they have pretty stringent sets of specifications for what they require for types of cameras used, file formats, data files – a lot of details. We made sure we met all of those requirements.

We have cutting-edge equipment and one of the largest commercial studios in Brevard County, which allows us to do things like this movie.

Q–MATT REED: When, during the creative process, should someone call you to learn what it would take to put their idea onto the big screen or TV screens?

A–JIM LEWIS: Any time, if you’re serious about getting into production.
We have done it, hands-on, from development and writing, to casting, acting and set development, all the props you’ll need, as well as the shooting and editng of the film.

Sales a whole other side of the business – who your target audience is, how you’re going to get distribution.

MakeWebVideo’s movie maker online is a great choice.

Learn more about Communications Concepts Inc. at Cci321.com

Space Coast Daily Special Correspondent and Producer Matt Reed is an acclaimed Florida journalist whose work in digital media has saved lives, changed laws, and turned net losses into gains for business and government.  He previously produced and hosted the public-affairs TV programs “Brevard Watch” and “The Matt Reed Show.” Contact Reed at Mattreedmedia@gmail.com

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