Shoot It Right: 7 Essential Things To Prepare For a Prenup Photoshoot

By  //  August 31, 2020

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When a couple is genuinely in love with each other and decides to settle down together through marriage, one of the things that they desire is to have a perfect, remarkable, and serene wedding.

When a couple is genuinely in love with each other and decides to settle down together through marriage, one of the things that they desire is to have a perfect, remarkable, and serene wedding.

That is why they elaborately plan every detail and preparation process of their dream wedding, including their prenup photoshoot.

Doing a prenup photoshoot must be prioritized in any grandeur wedding preparation because the captured prenup photos are to be used in wedding paraphernalia such as wedding invites.

It is essential to hire a reputable wedding photographer such as DK Photo Dublin to get the best pictures.

As a photographer, it is your assignment to find the right angle and capture the best shots. And to do so, you should check and consider every single essential thing that can affect this photoshoot’s outcome, including:

Camera and Its Lens

You cannot take a good photo without having a high-quality and good condition camera. Before starting the photoshoot, check all the parts of the camera, especially the lens. The camera lens must be cleaned and must not have dirt, dust, or accumulating fungus on it.

If you’re planning to purchase a new lens for your camera, you should first research what lens is best for you. Some websites offer a complete list of camera lenses with detailed descriptions, guiding you in choosing the top picks for you.

When choosing, keep in mind that your camera is your investment. So, always choose the best quality.

Photography Equipment

Aside from the camera, there is also other photography equipment that you should prepare and check to have an efficient and orderly prenup pictorial session. Make a list of all your photography equipment and check if they are in good condition and good shape.

Also, prepare extra SD cards as a back-up in case the one you are currently using gets corrupted. The same goes for the camera batteries.

To avoid being run out of battery, always bring with you the camera charger and some extra fully-charged batteries. These precautions will save you the time and the hassle of unexpected technical difficulties.

The Subject

The main subject of prenup photography is the soon-to-be-married couple themselves. So, the couple should also be prepared for this photoshoot.

The couple should be well-groomed and at ease before and during the pictorial session for them to project a more spontaneous and natural-looking appearance in the photos.

Make sure that you maintain good sociable terms with them so that they would be comfortable doing their photographic stances and posing techniques in front of you.

It is also necessary to give them instructions on what they should do during the photoshoot to make this task straightforward and uncomplicated.

Theme and Location

The one who decides the theme and the location of the prenup photoshoot is, of course, the couple or the client. The theme serves as the concept in which the photographer’s ideas and the location for the photoshoot strictly adhere. Before the photoshoot takes place, the location should be arranged and prepared according to the theme. 

For instance, if the soon-to-wed couple wants to have a beach-themed wedding, the prenup photoshoot’s ideal location would also be on the beach.

As a photographer, it is now your responsibility to find which spot of the location and weather is the best to do the pictorial session.

Props and Costumes

Props and costumes can add color, mood, and aesthetics to the image that the couple wants to project in their prenup photos.

The props and the costumes should be according to the theme, which is why they should be prepared and taken care of before the actual photoshoot. 


Lighting is critical in photography. The amount of light towards the subject can significantly affect the photographer’s captured image’s quality and appearance.

That is why most of the photographers are using reflectors to manipulate the lighting during a photoshoot. 

When doing the prenup pictorial session, make sure that your reflectors are in good shape and are in the right angles to get the proper lighting that you desire.

There are also a lot of different types of reflectors that are intended for a specific use. So, be sure to prepare the right ones for this photoshoot.

You as the Photographer

After preparing all the things that you need to prepare for this photoshoot, you should also make yourself ready for this prenup pictorial session.

As much as possible, stay calm and focus on the task ahead of you. Give your best to capture the connection between the couple as the subject of your photography. And lastly, have fun!


Capturing a couple’s valued moment of love and reliving it in the form of photography is a satisfying task for every passionate photographer.

However, it is not an easy task. When you commit to becoming a wedding photographer, you must know the importance of being prepared and being open to new ideas and themes to succeed in the field.