Why Kids are Actually Really Good at Technology

By  //  September 30, 2020

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You might have already noticed how fast are children born in the 21st century catching up with all the latest technology.

They feel comfortable exploring any gadget and, more often then not, learn their way about it significantly faster than their parents. It’s not unusual to see adults taking technology related advice from their kids: whether it’s how to open a social media account, how to change a password, how to find a piece of information online, or how to download books and movies.

Many are inclined to think that juniors have intuitive knowledge about tech, but in fact, the truth is far from this. So… why are kids actually really good with technology?

1. They are prone to explore and discover

Children look at the world with curiosity and open-mindedness. For them, every new idea and object provide the perfect playground for exploration. Since technology is presented to them from a very young age, their fresh approach to life helps them navigate the functions of a gadget with ease and wonderment.

Moreover, unlike adults, kids are not blocked in already tried-and-tested ways of thinking, so they find it natural to make unconventional choices when they play around with a phone, a tablet, or a laptop. 

2. Kids are adapt easily to their environment

We all know that children have an amazing ability to quickly adapt to their environment and learn with a speed an adult could only dream of. At a first glance, you might think that children are simply born with a sense for technology, but the truth is they are simply more attentive to their environment than we are and can rapidly master certain skills through observation.

Do they seem to know by default how to search for cat videos on YouTube? That’s because they paid attention to what you were doing and managed to copy it without much effort. So if children learn that fast just through exploration and observation, just imagine how quickly they’d be able to learn more complex tech-related operations through a designed program such as html for kids, or coding. 

3. The tech-world is a realm of entertainment

Have you ever wondered what keeps children hooked to the screen and willing to discover and learn? The answer is simple. Both the online and offline gadgets are mainly a source of communication and entertainment, two activities that kids naturally enjoy. Imagine you are given an exciting toy with endless new sources of fun.

Wouldn’t you be exploring it all day? Of course you would! Many adults do it already, hence the world-wide dependency on screens. Now imagine how happy would kids be to entertain themselves when their own nature is all about play, fun, and exploration! New games, new movies, new funny videos, new ways to share things with friends – the tech world seems to be the perfect playground for kids. 

4. Children are less aware of the risks involved

When was the last time you worried about your laptop being hacked, your bank account detail being stolen, or your private information being used for advertisements? Kids are less aware of these perils and thus feel more free to navigate the Internet, or their play station however they desire. 

Wrapping up…

To conclude, children are better with technology because they love exploring, playing, learning, being entertained, communicating, and are less concerned with the risks involved. Thereby, as long as their screen time is being limited to protect their health and well being, children can easily acquire useful tech-related skills early on, without much effort.