COVID-19 and Dating – Top 5 Tips for Dating During the Lockdown

By  //  November 11, 2020

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If there was such a thing as a crystal ball, anyone peering into one in 2019 to glimpse the following year would’ve been gobsmacked at the vision. Ten months ago, nobody outside of the scientific community had heard of Covid 19.

Now it has impacted every corner of the globe and impinged on so many aspects of our daily lives. With lockdowns restricting where we can socialize, more and more singles are choosing to join a dating platform.

Whether or not you’ve considered this option, here are the five top tips for dating during the Coronavirus according to dating consultants from

Exercise your right to choose

Before the pandemic, singles were often drawn towards someone in particular: another site user whose photo they found charming, or whose conversation was always arresting and flirty.

Now you can be much more discerning about who you decide to chat to. Where online dating is concerned, the power has always been in your hands when it comes to deciding the most suitable candidates.

Have you ever spent time building a rapport only to get the feeling this person might not be right for you but been reluctant to move on immediately out of politeness?

You can consign those notions of tact to the bin. The Covid 19 crisis has had the effect of making people more naturally assertive.

Spend more time developing a rapport

One of the attractions of dating sites has always the notion of swift interaction. The moment you join a dating platform, you can start searching through profile photos and descriptions, liking, favoriting, and exchanging messages.

Some singles would choose someone quickly, others would ‘play the field,’ juggling a shortlist of preferred contacts. Nowadays, slow and steady would be the recommended alternative. You need to determine as much as you can about someone’s background before committing to anything.

Study profiles more intently

The background information you can glean from someone’s description is more pertinent than ever. Before Covid 19, this was all about determining how compatible another site user was in terms of their hobbies and aspirations. How much did you have in common?

These considerations remain important, but now there are additional factors. Where does your prospective partner reside? Are they living in a hotspot? Are they in contact with Covid patients through employment or family ties?

Plan carefully before meeting in person

The main purpose of dating platforms has always been to provide a platform where potential partners can get introduced, facilitating face-to-face encounters sooner rather than later.

Some daters prefer developing a real sense of chemistry before committing to any offline rendezvous. Others are keen to get together as soon as their proximity to the other party has been established. Covid 19 has meant site users are far more cautious about the thought of casual hookups.

When the time comes to plan an actual date, all sorts of circumstances need to be taken into account. What restrictions are currently in place with the restaurant, coffeehouse, or bar you might previously have suggested?

Is your favorite outlet located in a hotspot? What precautions will you have to take? How confident will you be about removing your face mask for your first kiss?!

Don’t fixate on the online route

For all that dating platforms seem the most attractive option in the current climate, try not to get too square-eyed spending all your leisure time online. This situation isn’t going away anytime soon, but neither is it going to be permanent. Keep maintaining relationships in the real world. One day we’ll all feel comfortable out there again.

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