Helen Lee Schifter: How Social Media Is Helping Keep People Healthier During the Pandemic

By  //  November 1, 2020

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As more people continue staying home because of pandemic orders, the more they worry about how to remain healthy during it. Coronavirus is a very unknown and weary subject to many.

It causes a lot of anxiety and stress. Helen Lee Schifter, a former editor for magazines like Vogue, has expressed that there are many innovative ways to remain healthy regardless of what is occurring outside.

The constant stress and fear of attaining the virus surrounds so many people. That is why she recommends doing at home routines that can relieve stress in extreme ways.

Now that social media has taken over almost all platforms, it’s important that people take that to their advantage. The online fitness world is extremely complex and takes a long time to digest.

This is due to the volume of content available to watch or be active with. Schifter recommends a PopSugar Fitness for those who enjoy dancing.

With her experience in the arts, she enjoys relaxing with these videos because it helps her take her mind off the pandemic. It’s obvious that everyone deals with stress differently.

Nevertheless, by committing to an at home fitness routine, there are so many benefits to it.

After studying at New York University SPS for creative writing and postery, Schifter understands that media and fitness are much different than it once was. In addition, she had to shift through thousands of stories and features as an editor and writer for magazines like Mademoiselle, Self, Homestyle. Cookie, Lucky, and Harpers Bazaar.

With all this experience she has had a keen eye on social media’s influence in regards to online fitness. There are hundreds of fitness instructors that have made careers online because of the amount of views they receive.

Since there is such a variety afforded to consumers, it’s clear that individuals might feel overwhelmed from the choices. Each instructor has their own way of exercising and producing their workouts.

It takes weeks to ensure the graphics, online platforms, and videos all line up. Social media is extremely durable in a sense that it is reliable. According to Elle Décor, these instructors have taken a chance at success and usually are triumphant with the appropriate amount of social media presence.

According to Schifter, the more a person is engaged with their audiences, especially in fitness, the better their careers will flourish. This is because having a more diverse array of videos will allow people to find something more suitable to them in any case scenario.

Now, during the pandemic, it’s simple to make a connection as to why all these social media fitness accounts are flourishing.

Helen Schifter says, “The more people collaborating online and attending online fitness courses, the better a person’s mental wellness will improve.”

When people are sick indoors for long periods of time, it could cause serious mental health issues like depression. Exercise releases hormones in the body that cause endorphins to increase. Thus, the more people that exercise or attend these online courses, the better chance they have at feeling good about their mental health again.

When a person commits to an online fitness routine, it’s critical that they try different types of instructors. Schifter says that on YouTube, there are those who specialize in strength training, cardio, Zumba, and so much more. Her personal favorite includes those who teach yoga.

Schifter has practiced many therapeutic ways to enhance her spiritual belongings and keep herself very healthy. That includes Bon Ryaku Temae, Usucha Temae, Furo and Ro Hirandemae, Tana Usucha, and many more.

She decided to participate in these after leaving her native city of Chicago because she wanted to develop a stronger regard for health and wellness. Although most of these practices cannot be found online, they are still wonderful for her to look forward to after the pandemic concludes.

Schifter has had an extraordinary amount of experience in the health and wellness industry. That is why she truly understands the impact social media has on the ways people choose to pursue their fitness journey. The pandemic has closed many gyms and fitness centers which is very unfortunate.

However, this gives instructors the opportunity to enhance their skills online and develop programs that people can do from home.

Helen urges people to try an online workout before dismissing the subject.

“The way it relieves stress is unimaginable, especially yoga”, Shifter states. For those interested in maintaining or improving mental and physical wellness, the online fitness industry might be the right fit. Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have endless opportunities to tap into their health.

During the pandemic, people are also finding spare time to read outlets like Habitually Chic, documenting glamorous lives and stylish places. This provides people with a much needed outlet for escaping the turbulence and chaos that the pandemic has created.