Jump Start Your Career in Cloud with These Tips

By  //  January 8, 2021

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No experience in cloud computing still willing to jumpstart your career in this field? Most cloud computing jobs you came across ask for years of experience, which makes it hard to crack your first job in this field. Do not get disheartened as we are here to help you get your dream job in the cloud field. 

Without experience, how will you even apply for a cloud computing job? Well, a Cloud Computing Course definitely works in your favor.

Here are a few tips on how you can use your cloud computing certification to land your first job in this field.

Choose the Right Certification:

Even before you think of jump-starting your career in cloud computing, you need to enroll in a course to gain the knowledge that will help you pass the certification exam and crack the interview. There are different cloud certifications offered by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, which are as follows.

■ Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification

■ Microsoft Azure Certification

■ Google Cloud Certification

Research about them and choose the certification that will help you achieve your career goals.

Up Your Coding Game:

If you wish to enter the field of cloud computing, you have to be well versed in programming languages such as PHP, Java, Python, Java, and .Net. This is a prerequisite that you cannot skip.

Most cloud computing courses will teach you to code. This also means if you have been working in IT as a developer for years, that will work in your favor when you apply for cloud computing jobs.

Do Free Projects:

There are several non-profit organizations looking for work to be done for free. Yes, you will not get paid for it, but you will do a real job by handling a live project which can be added to your job experience in the resume. It showcases that you have some experience in this field and ready to be employed in an organization as a cloud computing expert.


Networking in the field can help you know about various job openings. You can get referred for a job in the organization by an existing employer, which also means the company may prefer your candidature. Networking is an effective strategy to help you excel in your career and land a job if you grab the opportunity.

List Out Reputable References:

It’s not just your knowledge of the field, but also your work ethics that matter while you lookout for a job. Compile a list of your managers, colleagues, or mentors who have worked with you and can vouch for your knowledge, drive, and work ethics.

Such strong references along with a cloud certification and good knowledge of the subject can help you beat even the most experienced candidate.

The Bottom Line:

You will always find a few more experienced candidates interviewing for the same job as you, which should not make you lose your confidence. If you keep up with the latest trends and gain hands-on experience in real free projects, you have a good chance to crack the interview. Remember, every cloud computing expert was a fresher in this field at some point.

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