How To Find The Motivation When Nothing Works

By  //  February 1, 2021

There are those who seem to want to achieve something in life and strive like a horse in a field, but they do not succeed. And they do not understand what it may be, they often despair and start complaining about life, the government, society, and other obstacles to success.

In fact, there are three main reasons why it may not work, even if you try very hard:

You are on the wrong track. It’s very simple, the universe has special plans for you, but you suddenly decided to become an astronaut. Of course, you won’t have much success conquering outer space, because your vocation is to bake cupcakes.

But ambition blurs your eyes and takes you away from your real goals. I have an acquaintance who has excellent analytical skills, a sharp mind, and a remarkable intellect.

He decided for himself that he should become an entertainment presenter, and for almost ten years he went to auditions, trying to realize his potential by becoming a famous presenter on TV. But something wasn’t right, and the audience wasn’t interested in him in that capacity. So one day he tried his hand as a news presenter.

And, miraculously, he became successful in that role. He simply went his own way and started to enjoy what life had to offer.

When we do not go our own way – because parents, wife, or it’s just fashionable – we are literally raping our brains, every day forcing to do what we do not like. And we kill our hearts by forcing ourselves to achieve other people’s goals. That is why implementation is slow – it is hard to walk quickly on a road that is not your own, and there is no point.

Often, past mistakes and failures hinder a person on the road to success. If you have not forgiven and let go of love, unlived emotions will hamper the construction of harmonious relationships in the future. It’s the same with personal or career fulfillment – unprocessed past traumas will write more and more scenarios in which you fail, you fail, and fail again.

If “something went wrong” in the past, you consciously avoid repeating the mistakes and are afraid to take a step towards realization because there may be pain and fear ahead. And you hope for success, sitting in your comfort zone. Where, naturally, nothing new ever happens.

Haste. Sometimes you are in too much of a hurry to make your life brighter, richer, more interesting. It seems to you that in two years it will already be too late, you will instantly grow old and miss the moment.

Spending years polishing your professional skills is not for you, you want to flash your laminated diploma right after college and have an exhilarating career. There’s nothing worse than rushing to success. To grow bread, you have to plow the land, sow the seed and wait for the crop to grow.

You have to wait for forty weeks to have a baby. You cannot invite four women and have them give birth to you in four weeks. Everything has its time, everything has its deadline, just like your realization.

Your realization is coming, it just has its own pace and you shouldn’t rush it by leaps and bounds. Look at how Charles Leclerc copes with his stress when the once-best Ferrari, he dreamed of, can’t succeed. Also, don’t despair if you don’t see instant results.

“The road is traveled by the man who walks.” So, it’s important to have a desire to make a difference in your life by constantly exercising your brain and running through auditions.

If you have that desire, the universe can’t resist your persistence and will show you the right way to develop and your true destiny and will give you people who will teach you to get over the traumas of the past, and one day you will understand that this is your time.