Skateboard Types, the Price and the Best Skateboard Decks

By  //  February 26, 2021

At the first stage, a skateboard was not divided into types. It is because at that time, skateboards have just the same design which is four wheels attached to a flat deck. However, nowadays there are different types of skateboards. 

In general, there are two major kinds of skateboards which are custom skateboards and pre-assembled skateboards. In the next part, we would like to show you the features of the two different types of skateboards and the most high quality skateboards for each category.

Complete skateboards

With regard to complete skateboards, there are various names for the type. You can call them as pre-assembled skateboards or pre-built skateboards. Looking at the details, a complete skateboard is known as a skateboard which is assembled completely by manufacturers.

The skateboards are opted for by abundant skateboarders. So what are the reasons which make this board popular among the community of skaters.

First, on the subject of the price, a complete skateboard costs less than a custom skateboard as skaters have to buy many parts of skateboards. Second, skaters don’t have to spend time and energy on building their own skateboard. To make a skateboard work well, skaters also need to have enough knowledge.

In regard to the best complete skateboards, I would like to recommend you 4 skateboards with remarkably high quality, which are POSITIV complete skateboards, Dongchuan Pro complete skateboards, NPET Pro complete skateboards and Merkapa 22’’ complete skateboards.

About POSITIV complete skateboards, they are made by high-skilled designers who are also skaters. Thus, you are guaranteed about the skateboard quality. Skateboard parts which are trucks, wheels, and bearings are all made of excellent quality material. POSITIV complete skateboards are suitable for park skating or street skating.

Regarding Dongchuan Pro complete skateboards, the skateboard type is appropriate for pro skaters. Its deck is made of 9 layer Russian maple. Its truck material is aluminium. The wheels are able to be used to skate on rough surfaces. Besides, there are teeming exquisite graphics on the skateboard deck.

With reference to NPET Pro complete skateboards, all skaters with different skill levels can opt for this skateboard type. The deck is able to anti water and anti slipping. The trucks are made of aluminum which make the skateboard durable. The bearings can boost the speed of skaters to a high level.

Fourthly, the best complete skateboard is Merkapa 22’’. The skateboard deck is high-quality PP. The trucks are made of aluminum. The wheels are made of PU which makes the part soft and big.

Custom skateboards

About custom skateboards, some skaters, especially the experienced ones, have a tendency of making their own skateboard. It means that you will buy each part of a skateboard and then assemble them by themselves.

It is necessary to have enough knowledge and a few years of experiences if you want to custom your skateboard. In addition, there are various setups you can refer to. Follow SkateAdvisors where you can get many information about the setups.

How much does a skateboard cost

After finding out the skateboard types, you might consider the question: how much does a skateboard cost? The following part will clarify the price of complete skateboards and custom skateboards.

Regarding complete skateboards, the average price will fluctuate from 50 dollars and 200 dollars.  But the price can go higher if this complete skateboard is manufactured by well-known brands. Normally, this skateboard will cost you from around 300 dollars to a much more amount of money.

Regarding custom skateboards, the board will normally cost you from 90 dollars to 500 dollars as you have to pay for many skateboard parts. We would like to portray the average price for each part of a skateboard in order to give you a clear idea about the price of custom skateboards.

The bearings: The price of the part ranges from around 18 dollars to 140 dollars.

The hardware: Hardware contains lock nuts and bolts. You need to buy the hardware in a set of 8. The price for each set is from 4 dollars to 10 dollars.

The deck: You need to pay 30 dollars to 50 dollars for a skateboard deck.

The wheels: It is crucial to determine the three features which are shape, size and formula in an exact way. The price for the part will cost you around 14 dollars to 36 dollars.

The truck: The price for the truck will cost you roughly from 15 dollars up to 30 dollars.

Best skateboard decks

Ultimately, we want to show you some best skateboard decks. Firstly, it is a bamboo skateboard graphic deck. This deck is affordable, flexible and light. Skaters with different skating skills can opt for the deck. The most special thing about the deck is the graphics printed on the deck surface. They have unique ones such as sunsets, volcanoes, and more with vibrant colors.

Next, it is Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck. If you want to perform ollies and some advanced tricks, this deck is an ideal choice as this deck type is strong and durable. The shape of this deck is a steep concave. Besides, the material of this deck is strong bamboo. The nose and tail of this deck go up. The deck has no graphics and colors; therefore, the price of the deck type is cheap.

The continuous one is CCS Logo skateboard deck. The manufacturer uses high quality maple wood to make the deck. Skaters can use the deck to cruise around and perform skating tricks. CCS Logo skateboard deck allows you to customize it as there is no graphics on the deck.

The last one is Powell-Peralta skateboard flight deck. The material of this deck is extreme-strength fiberglass. In comparison with a 7-ply maple deck, this deck is more durable and thinner. If you use this deck with an aim of performing tricks such as flipping speedily, you need to have this skateboard.