Skateboarding and Health Benefits – No One Told You Before

By  //  February 15, 2021

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Skateboarding has been around for a long time and is still maintained today. That’s because skateboarding is not only fun, but it also has many health benefits. In today’s post, we will cover some of the health benefits that skateboarding offers. If you want to buy a quality skateboard at an affordable price, check out SkateAdvisors – a skateboarding website we recently collaborated with.

1. Physical Endurance

We may not play football all day from the morning to the evening. But we can skateboard all day and all night even though skateboarding wears us out, beats us, but we keep doing it for as long as we can. The more we do it, the more we are able to do it. Why can we do that? Simply because it is fun.

2. Fitness

Skateboarding is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. You will find skateboarders usually slim and toned. It is because skateboarding requires players to use energy to jump, push, roate, flip, etc. It is difficult to calculate the exact number of calories you can burn during skating because it varies due to the terrain you ride and the tricks you do. However, we can estimate the average number of calories burned within 1 hour to be 100 – 500 calories.

You may find it difficult to choose a skateboard for the first time because there are so many brands and types out there. But don’t worry too much! Because there are some brands that are focusing on producing the skateboard for beginners, you just need to find them.

3. Relieve stress

Stress is an indispensable part of life today. You can be stressed out for personal and professional issues. If you want to reduce stress and boost your mood, try skateboarding. Like many other sports, skateboarding is an effective way to reduce stress.

Caution: Skateboarding can lead to injury if not done properly. You should skateboard under the guidance of an expert. Don’t try to play on your own if you are not sure about it. Choose your skateboard with good quality and use protective gear such as knee and elbow pads, helmet, and shoes.

4. Improve the coordination of body parts

When skateboarding, your hands, eyes, and feet will have to work well together or you could end up injured. This will improve the coordination of other body parts. When your body works well together, you will perform daily activities more efficiently. All of these just make sense when you skate on a quality board. It is advisable to buy skateboards from trusted skateboard brands.

5. Maintain an excited mind

Although, practicing with the skateboard until the skills are mastered will take a relatively long time and persistence. However, the feeling of really owning the feet and of the skateboard makes the skater feel adventurous and excited. In particular, it is the feeling of overcoming challenges, overcoming yourself and conquering difficult movements. All of these will help your mind become more positive.

6. Improve pain tolerance

Skateboarding can be said to be a sport that will fall pretty much in the beginning. Bruises, scratches, and muscle aches are part of skateboarding. But because of our passion for skateboarding, we are willing to take abuse. The joy and excitement of the skateboard makes one forget the existing pain.

Wounds and bruises will go away, you will soon forget them but you will never forget your first handrail, kickflip, or your first drop-in. As you fall a lot, you get used to the pain, and not just in skateboarding, you can cope with pain in any situation. Just fall and get up again, and when we get up, we become even more determined.

7. Know how to fall properly

Skateboarding helps improve injury prevention. As I said above, you can fall a lot when skating, and to lessen the severity of your injuries, you must learn to avoid falling or fall properly. This skill is acquired through practice and learning from falls. As you practice more and make progress, you will naturally become better at knowing where to position your feet and hands. When in pain, your brain will think of ways to avoid pain the next time you do this movement.

That is the mechanism of self-learning. Sometimes, falling is inevitable, and seasoned skaters will know how to minimize injuries. Once your body becomes more agile, there is less chance of freak accidents. You can naturally recover from slips and falls, and avoid falling on your face. If you just started, I recommend you choose cruiser skateboards or longboards to better balance.