How to Get More Free Time and Enjoy It

By  //  March 12, 2021

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Free time is always at a premium; juggling work, family, friends, and any other commitments you may have going on can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

However, with a bit of careful planning, it is possible to get more free time for yourself, so how can you do it.

Prioritize Tasks

You will always have a long to-do list; the priority is to work out what needs doing first and why. When you begin to prioritize work, you get the opportunity to better manage your time and ensure that time you spend doing tasks is productive.

At both the start of the day and the end of the day, spend a few minutes making a to–do list. Don’t go crazy listing lots of things, instead focus on achieving a couple of things a day. Break down larger jobs if possible; this way, they are more realistic and achievable.

Work Smarter not Harder

Working hard often does not get you the desired results you crave, instead working hard leaves you feeling tired, overworked, and on the road to burnout. To prevent this from happening to you, you need to work out what you can do and when.

Working smart is all about managing your time and managing your workload. There is nothing wrong with saying no to work, and there is nothing wrong with delegating tasks as and where you can. You only have so many hours within any day to get work done, so make sure you utilize these hours the best that you can.

Start each day with a plan, and end each day with a recap of what you have done and how you can manage your time better tomorrow. Creating a schedule for what needs doing within work could suit you well, as it could allow you to forecast your time for the forthcoming days and weeks.

TOP TIP: Get Organized – Free time needs to be planned, especially when you are juggling so much, so get your schedule and calendar organized, clear as many jobs as you can.

Retrain and Get a New Career

Some jobs and careers just don’t offer you that work-life balance that is important. To get more free time, you may have to invest some time into getting a qualification such as a masters in business administration. Getting further qualified will open up more doors for you and more earning potential.

Being better educated and qualified puts you in a better stance; you will be able to work fewer hours for better money, which will ensure you have free time as and when you need it.

To get a new career take some time out and decide what you want to do and where you see your future going. What do you enjoy, what are your passions, and how can you translate these into a healthy and long career that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Schedule Some Fun Time

As there are only so many hours in the day, you have to work with what you are given. There are only so many useable hours, i.e., the ones when you are not sleeping.

Try and have lighter working days that provide you with free time slots here and there instead of working like crazy and then using up free time accrued all at once, as this will not make you happy and will not provide you with a sustainable work/life balance.

Enjoying Free Time

More often than not, you never really take advantage of the free time you are given, and as a result, you never really stop and feel like you are having any free time.

So, start enjoying your free time more, plan out what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you want to see when you have free time. Making the most out of every free moment you have spare will ensure that you are motivated to carry on with your job.

To enjoy your free time it is not necessary always to spend lots of money, instead focus on making and sharing memories, and on having all round fun with family and friends by doing things such as visiting a theme park or having a family picnic in the park.

Remember that you don’t have to cram in lots into your free time as this will feel overwhelming, instead focus on doing the smaller things which you know will make you happy and content.