What Online Tools Paper Writers Use the Most?

By  //  March 15, 2021

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Being a paper writer is not easy. It takes a lot of time, energy, focus and creativity to come up with papers that are best in terms of grammar, writing style and authenticity.

But how about getting help from online writing tools? A writing tool cannot replace a paper writer. However, it can assist a paper writer in many ways. Let’s find out the best online writing tools that can help a paper writer:

Research Writer by ActiveScholar

We are starting from a research writing tool called “Research Writer by ActiveScholar” that is purposely designed for academic paper writers. Using this software you can cut, save, organize and edit research information.

You can access published journals, dissertations, thesis, literature reviews, course papers, reports, essays, statistics and books. The good thing is, you can use this software for 30 days without paying a penny.


Academic papers should be free of plagiarism. At the same time, the academic writer is bound to include quotations, references to support their thesis. Sometimes, this leads to plagiarism and rejection of the paper.

To avoid such uncongenial circumstances, we recommend paper writers use PaperWriter, a plagiarism detecting tool. The free version of this software detects 10 plagiarisms per month for free.

Why we are recommending this particular plagiarism tool is because of its incredible privacy policy. Moreover, unlike most of the plagiarism detectors, it does not use “exact search”, a Google tool to check plagiarism of every sentence separately. Rather it checks complete paragraphs and match paragraphs to the sources.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Are you tired of typing? Don’t exhaust yourself and take help from the latest writing tool called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a writing tool that can be dictated. You can give verbal instructions and this incredible writing software will do the job. You can use your voice to send emails, type documents, search on the web and much more.

Docear- The Academic Literature Suite

If you are a literature freak, this is your writing tool! While working as an academic paper writer, you can organize, generate and browse academic literature papers through this amazing writing software.


Many writers out there enjoy writing on Word and willing to pay a little extra for it. At the same time, there are academic writers, mostly students who can’t pay to access all the Word features. If you are also one of those, don’t worry anymore!

LibreOffice is a reliable writing software that can be the best replacement for Word. To your relief, it is free of cost. Its bright and contemporary word processing layout makes it highly desirable writing software. You will be glad to know that LibreOffice supports almost all file formats that mean you don’t have to convert your files every time before opening them on your device.

Moreover, this writing tool is not limited to academic writing only; you can use it to create your blog posts, for composing your poems or writing a book even!