Is Bernedoodle Really the Right Dog Breed for You?

By  //  May 19, 2021

Planning to adopt a Bernedoodle? Well, who does not love this perfect designer breed dog that acquires the intelligence of a poodle and the goofy nature of a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Well, they may be a great breed, but do they really fit your lifestyle? Here are a few things you should consider before adopting or buying one.

They are Expensive:

Designer dog breeds are expensive; hence, you need to be prepared for this before you consider this breed. If you think you will adopt a rescue, you may have to wait for some time as they do not end up in shelter quite often. 

They Need to be Well-Trained:

These dogs can be destructive if not well-trained. Also, as they will be full-sized, you need to train them from the start to make sure they are well-behaved around people. This means you have to spend a good amount of time in their puppyhood training them. If you have the patience and time to do it, only then consider this breed. If not, then better go for smaller toy breed dogs that can go without aggressive training.

They Need Constant Attention:

Bernedoodles like to be around their owners, which means they will tend to follow you around. If you would like some privacy or you work late hours, this may not be the right breed for you. Separation anxiety can cause them to be destructive around the house.

They Prefer Active Owners:

Bernedoodles are active dogs; hence they do not like to laze around. If you are not that active, maybe choose a less active breed. Brenedoodles may not be the right fit for your lifestyle. Yes, if you aim to be more active, they will definitely help you keep up with that goal.

The Need to be Exercised Outside:

These dogs cannot be exercised inside the apartment. They are not apartment dogs, to be honest. If you have a backyard, they can stay active there. But, if you live in an apartment, remember to walk them every day to release their pent-up energy and maintain their health. If not, dogs that have a lot of energy tend to go into zoomies mode, and that running around your apartment may cause them injury as they crash onto a wall or the corner of a table.

They Have Grooming Needs:

Bernedoodle needs grooming once a month at least as their coat hair grows longer. If not groomed frequently, the hair can get tangled and cause skin issues and make them uncomfortable. Taking dogs to a grooming salon is an added expense you need to bear.

Not all Bernedoodles are Hypoallergenic:

If you plan on adopting this breed because you are allergic and need a dog that has a hypoallergenic coat, well, you are mistaken. Bernepoos can take after any parent. This means they may have straight hair like Bernese Mountain dog parent or curly hair like Poodle parent. You cannot be sure when they are puppies. Hence, keep this in mind before adoption.

The Bottom Line:

Bernedoodles are an active family dog that needs attention and have grooming needs, but in return, they give back unconditional love. If this deal seems fair to you, this is the right breed of dog for you.