Embracing Your Powers with Chester Gregory

By  //  August 27, 2021

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“The Jackie Wilson Story” first premiered in 2000 and launched the career of one of the most successful and compelling artists of today, Chester Gregory, who held the title role in the initial production. The American artist has since worked as a singer and songwriter, musician, coach, and of course, actor.

Recently, we caught up with Gregory and discussed what it’s like working as a vocal coach and passing on tricks and wisdom to the new generation.

Gregory, now in his early 40s, regaled us with tales of the extreme joy of teaching youth and seeing talent blossom under your wand.

“The beautiful thing about teaching the next generation is that each new generation is a catalyst for change,” Gregory says, and we couldn’t agree more. Not only is coaching a way of ushering in a new generation of talent, it’s also a step towards a better future. “Sowing into them and being transparent about the obstacles of previous generations, creates space for them to lead the next (r)evolution.”

One of Gregory’s many occupations in the arts is his work as a vocal coach. Here, he encounters both young artists, just now discovering their style and talent, but also more experienced musicians, concerned about maintaining and restoring their technique. 

Gregory also prepares young would-be actors, as well as seasoned professionals, and has coached on set several times. The trick, according to him, is to never lose your curiosity, and always strive to remain in that phase of growth and eternal development.

“Remain a student always. Learn everything there is about the craft, but don’t allow the industry to change the things about you that are wonderfully unique.”

And just from talking to Gregory, it’s easy to see how come he’s such a successful coach and teacher – every word that comes out of him is defined by this boundless energy, and positivity. He’s one of those rare people who genuinely want you to do better for yourself, which indeed is what he strives to tell his students, as well.