Accessible Days Out: Things To Do In Brevard County 

By  //  September 13, 2021

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10.5% of Brevard County residents under 65 have a disability, the US Census Bureau reports. While the Space Coast offers no shortage of natural wonders and fun days out, accessing these attractions may be more of a challenge for people with disabilities.

Fortunately, local businesses are increasingly improving accessibility, so everyone can enjoy Space Coast’s recreational activities.

Beach accessibility 

Space Coast offers numerous sandy expansive beaches perfect for family days out. Many of the beach crossovers feature wheelchair accessible ramps and mobi mats, so people with disabilities can successfully navigate the sand. Additionally, Crabby’s Beach Wheels, a large wheelchair rental service in Cocoa beach, offers six different amazing chairs to rent, as well as beach strollers for young children.

For example, the Salty Lightfoot can glide effortlessly over the sand and even float in the ocean, while the Blue is an all-terrain wheelchair suitable for use on both rocky and sandy beaches. Crabby’s Beach Wheels also offers free delivery across the whole US.

Accessible wedding venues

Planning an accessible wedding means everyone can enjoy your big day, whether you, your partner, or one or more of your guests have a disability. Fortunately, Brevard County is home to numerous accessible wedding venues. Before booking, be sure to ask how your chosen venue can accommodate people with disabilities.

Guests with mobility issues, in particular, need the venue to be wheelchair-friendly with accessible bathrooms. In Brevard County, just outside of Melbourne in Merritt Island, the Barn Stall Winery and Wedding Barn, for example, offers wheelchair access and over three thousand square feet of space for your celebration, including dancing and dining.

It’s a beautiful, unique venue with gorgeous views of the Florida pine, as well as lush green pastures with peaceful ponds.

Fun activities

Brevard Zoo in Melbourne also offers an unforgettable day out for the whole family. Wheelchair access is available in all areas of the zoo while slight ramps are included on some walkways.

The Rainforest Revealed section also has an elevated walkway with a lift available to grant access (the zoo advises getting in touch before your visit to check if the lift is currently operational). Mobility devices and wheelchairs are also available to rent. Alternately, Wildlife Watersports on Cocoa Beach offers the unique opportunity to explore the water on glass-bottomed kayaks, electric boats, or pontoon boats.

The staff here are also happy to help families with their unique needs, so everyone can enjoy time on the water.  There’s also the famous Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Titusville; it’s an accessible attraction full of interesting historic spacecraft exhibits and memorabilia with wheelchair ramps, large bathrooms, and electric convience vehicle and wheelchair rental also available.

Space Coast offers plenty of accessible days out the whole family can enjoy together. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach, throwing a wedding, or spending a day out at the zoo, people with disabilities will always feel at home in Brevard County.