Alex Choi and his Huracan

By  //  September 17, 2021

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In the world of famous YouTubers, Alex Choi stands out with his 682,000+ subscribers on YouTube. His love of fast, luxury cars sets him apart, especially his passion for his luxury car Huracan.

How it all started?

Born in October 1999 in Seoul, Alex Choi was born rich, thanks to his wealthy parents, which helped him navigate life. During his childhood, Alex moved to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. Choi’s parents immediately noticed that their son was very talented and provided him with everything he wanted.

However, Alex Choi keeps his life private and does not share any info about his educational background or his parents. 

YouTube career 

The YouTube channel of Alex Choi went online on July 15, 2017. The central theme of his channel is about expensive cars. His channel quickly rose to fame and attracted many visitors.

His video in March 2018, where he said that he got arrested by Los Angeles Police Department for doing an illegal car stunt show that got some people injured, attracted many views. He also has a viral video of September 2018 where he narrowly misses a motorbiker during his attempt to perform a doughnut stunt on Mullholland Highway. Of course, he apologized for that, claiming that the motorcycle he missed was in his blind spot. 

Love of expensive cars 

Alex Choi is an owner of a Lamborghini Huracan, a sports car with an average price of $185,000. In July 2020, Alex discovered that someone used a fake account to put his Huracan on a sale for over $1million on a website, but that ad was quickly put down. 

Choi’s life has been full of close encounters with the police. In August 2019, Choi published a video on YouTube that shows how a police officer approaches him at a gas station and asks for a car swap. The officer wanted the trade to become famous on YouTube, which shows how popular Choi is. 

Private life

Alex Choi is pretty tight-lipped when it comes to private life. He does not talk publicly about his girlfriend, and there is nothing shared on his YouTube or other social media channels. That leads to plenty of rumors generated by his army of fans and haters. Sometimes they publish false news or embarrassing reports, but Choi does not let these things take him off the rails. 

The wealth of Alex Choi

YouTube channels and various businesses are the main places from where Choi gets his wealth. He has a fantastic collection of super-cars, including Lamborghini Huracan, Audi RS7, McLaren 720, and BMW M7. He also earns money from sponsorships and brand promotions on Instagram and selling online merchandise on his website.

As per FamousPeopleToday, Alex Chui’s estimated net worth is $3 million. That is the extraordinary life of Alex Choi, who became successful at an early age and shows no signs of stopping. He lives a very active life, so stay tuned and follow him closely for some fantastic videos on YouTube.