What is Exactly a Moissanite Stone? Know all About it!

By  //  September 13, 2021

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Few years ago, in the land of Arizona, there occurred a meteorite. It created a vest of hole in the earth’s surface with a lot of scattering fragments. Henri Moissan accidentally came across these fragments and found it shining, sparkling and what not? He is the man behind the history of Moissanite stones. 

More about the chemistry behind Moissanite stones

What is a Moissanite stone? Moissanite is a gemstone discovered by Henri Moissan, a French scientist in 1893. When discovered, he assumed that it was a diamond gemstone, but later found out that the crystals of the stone are made of silicon carbide.

The stone was named as moissanite after his name, Henri Moissan. He later won Nobel prize in Chemistry for the discovery of moissanite and experiments done on it. The magical stone of meteorites is socially responsible as well as beautiful. It costs dramatically lesser than diamonds. Moissanite stone looks like diamonds, but it has a lot of variations as a gemstone and manufacturing method. Since it doesn’t include a mining process, moissanite stones are said to be eco-friendly!

Moissanite is rarely available in its natural form. It is incredibly expensive due to its rare availability. After conducting tons of experiments on it, Moissan was successful in synthesising the lustrous stone of moissanite artificially. The moissanite stones that are sold in the form of jewellery are laboratory-made.

Now that you know the history of moissanites and meteorites, how do you source this gemstone? It is not naturally sourced now; it is lab made with supervision.  

Characteristics of Moissanites

These Moissanites are artificially coordinated to make an illusion of diamonds. But they differ in certain properties like chemical composition, colour, brilliance, and durability. Moissanites can be considered as a better alternative for diamonds. As they are lab-made and are not mined, and so, don’t take a toll on environment. So, to people who are eco-conscious, moissanites could be a better choice. 

Durability for wedding rings 

If you are looking for wedding rings or engagement rings that you want to wear daily, then moissanite rings are your go-to option. They are hard enough, with a score of 9.25 – 9.5 on Mohs scale of Hardness. Meaning, they are less likely to get any scratches. So, they are best suitable for a daily wear jewellery.

Diamonds have been the worlds hardest man-known mineral with a score of 10 on Mohs scare and the moissanites are the second hardest gemstones. Since, they are finely made, they don’t easily scratch or break – it is the best suitable option for daily wear! Why it suits for daily wears? It is cute and small, cheap and shining, looks fine and elegant as well. 

Uniquely engineered moissanite jewelry 

Moissanite come at a lesser price when compared to similar gemstones like diamond. The lesser price of moissanite doesn’t indicate the compromise in its quality. They are colourless, but they do possess sparkles of yellow and grey hue. The larger sized moissanite stones, shines brighter.

Though moissanites are made to resemble diamonds, they remarkably differ in brilliance. They are uniquely engineered than diamonds to reflect multiple colours and look like rainbow.